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Fashion | 28 Jun, 2012 |

This week on Meet the Models, we’re doing things a bit differently. This local favorite has been a rodeo queen, has acted in commercials and Western films and has, of course, modeled for various photo shoots. So, let’s meet Bobbi Jean

How did you get started modeling/acting?

It all began in my native state of New Mexico. Becoming a rodeo queen there in the 1990s, I started at the local level, did well and progressed to the state level. That experience and the connections made while competing at the New Mexico State Fair led to “being discovered.”

A talent agent found that I was “a natural” and eager to work in movies, TV commercials and even do stunt work. I modeled for many products, did modeling/print ads for Western clothing stores and was even the subject of a popular photo series done by a world-renowned photographer. Today that photo series is a limited edition (selling for a lot of money). I’ve also graced swimsuit posters, modeled Wrangler Jeans and was featured in promotional ads, worked in TV commercials for numerous companies and also appeared in both country and rock music videos. My image was filmed, and then used on videos that were then used for CD-ROM games.

I’ve also done stunt work in Western movies, doubled for and did horseback riding scenes for several famous actresses, and I worked with some of the biggest names in the world of Western stunts. Driving wagons, shooting from rearing horses, falling from running horses (on purpose, of course) are a few things that I have had the honor of learning and performing on movie sets.

Working in movies is a favorite of mine, appearing in such films as the made-for-TV CBS movie “Stolen Women,” which was filmed entirely on the Kansas plains. Among other things, I did all of the riding scenes in that film for the actress Jean Louisa Kelly.
I also portrayed Etta Place, who was the real-life girlfriend of Butch Cassidy, in a PBS documentary. That documentary is one of the most popular ones shown when PBS is doing a historical report on Butch and Sundance. Anytime Etta is shown, it is actually me, Bobbi Jeen.

What type of modeling do you like most and why?

I like them all; each and every project is a new, exciting, challenging adventure for me because I pick and choose only the jobs I want to take!

What is your favorite shoot you’ve done and why?

Although I specialize in the Western genre, I love to show my diverseness — how one minute I can be glamorous and the next I can be mean, rough and tough.

Do you have an all-time favorite modeling photo?

I feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing that I believe all of them are my favorite. Each and everyone of them has a special meaning.

What advice would I give to someone interested in modeling/acting?

Do what you love! Go after your dreams! Stay true to yourself! Always treat people the way you want to be treated!
I say all the time, “Dream so big; if only half of it comes true, it’s still amazing.”

More photos of Bobbi Jeen:

Bobbi Jeen Bobbi Jeen Bobbi Jean Bobbi Jeen

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