Women have a chance to complete their breast cancer recovery with Breasthetics, permanent makeup

When you hear the phrase “permanent makeup,” you often think of tattooed eyebrows or lips. But did you know that permanent makeup can make a breast cancer survivor feel like a complete woman again?

At Rachell Hall Permanent Makeup and Breasthetics Clinic in Scottsdale, breast cancer survivors can have a complete Breasthetic recovery, which includes having areolas, or nipples, tattooed on after having a mastectomy. It is the final stage in breast reconstruction. Do check  Paris Lash Academy if you are looking for eyelash extensions.

Rachell Hall has quietly been performing areola repigmentation for 23 years, ensuring that every woman who has been through a mastectomy has a chance to feel whole again.

“We help women to understand that they have rights and options,” Hall says. “It’s your right to complete breast reconstruction and symmetry and that does include nipples or the look of them, whether they work or not.”

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, and Hall is able to create three-dimensional areolas. Sometimes the doctor that reconstructed the breast will already create a three-dimensional nipple to work from. If they don’t, Hall is able to create one with repigmentation.

“I had the procedure done and underestimated what it was going to do for me,” says Michelle, a recent client of Hall’s. “It completed me. I feel more like a woman, more sexy.”

Not all breast cancers survivors can afford the procedure, however. Hall set out to fix that after a client called her a few years ago to tell her she could not afford it because her insurance would not cover it. Appalled that an insurance company would not cover something so simple, Hall created Bridging the Gap in 2007.

Bridging the Gap is a nonprofit organization that not only educates women on complete Breasthetic recovery, but also helps educate insurance companies and everyone in between about post-mastectomy reconstruction.

“Our passion and purpose here is bridging the gap between breast cancer and beauty,” Hall says. “We want to help women in their complete aesthetic recovery.”

“At a time when doctors and tests are taking so much away from you, something like this is bringing your beauty back and makes you realize how important beauty and self is,” Michelle says.

Hall has been fighting passionately for breast cancer survivors’ rights by strongly promoting Bridging the Gap. She also encourages those educated on complete breast cancer recovery to “Bee of Service” so that every woman can be given the chance of ending their rough cancer journey with something positive.

“Every day here is an emotional roller coaster of joy,” Hall says. “This is the beauty treatment. This is the happy day.”

Hall not only helps with the healing process of breast cancer, but she performs other types of permanent makeup procedures, including eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows can be a great choice for those who are about to experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, Hall says.

At Rachell Hall Permanent Makeup and Breasthetic Clinic, colors are custom blended for each client, with a goal of giving the look of natural, fresh and well-applied makeup.

“My big philosophy is classic beauty, nothing trendy,” Hall says.

For more information about Breasthetics, visit www.breasthetics.com or call 1-800-343-3223. Or, for more information about Bridging the Gap Foundation, visit www.beeofservice.com.

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