Sally Hayes Permanent MakeupCan you tell me a little about your business and what you do? How long have you been working with permanent makeup?

I help people (mostly women) through enhancing their natural beauty, improving their self-image, and saving them time and effort. These are just some of the many benefits of what I am able to do through permanent makeup.

I have been working with permanent makeup since 1988 when Richard Wohl, M.D., a prominent plastic surgeon at the time, got me started in the business. Today, I still work closely with a number of doctors as they regularly recommend me to their patients.

Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup is the name of my business for good reason. This is because the business is me. When you call, you get me directly. When you come in for your complimentary consultation, you get me. When you schedule a procedure, you get me. A woman’s face is too important. And I really enjoy the personal contact with clients, and they tell me they like it, too. I’ve been told many times I could easily have a bigger business, but I take great pride in my work and absolutely love what I do.

What types of clients come into your office?

I can answer this question a couple of ways. I have some clients who know exactly what they want. These are the ones who watch my regular appearances on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living. They do their research. They’re totally prepared and ready to go. However, I also have those who know only that they want to do something to enhance their facial features. They come into consultations with me and basically ask me what they should do. So I make suggestions and show them what permanent makeup could look like by applying topical makeup to them.

The other way to answer this question is to describe the three main groups of those who get permanent makeup. There are women with active lifestyles as either moms or career women or both. While these women are interested in looking better, the daily time saving and convenience benefits they get from permanent makeup are really the main attraction.

The second group of clients is those who are solely interested in cosmetic improvement. Some of these may have lost most of their eyebrows, others are sick and tired of looking sick and tired or washed out every day, and others may just crave the idea of thicker, fuller and sexier lips.

The third group of clients are those who are looking to overcome the effects of some sort of medical condition that has had a negative effect on their appearance.

Which procedure is most common and why?

The most common permanent makeup procedure is probably eyebrows. At least, this is the primary area of interest. But really, many clients are increasingly aware of the importance of symmetry when it comes to their facial features. While they may start out simply focusing on eyebrows, they easily shift to also doing their eyeliner and lips either all at once or in stages.

Typically, how long is each procedure?

It sounds cliché, but even though I’ve been doing permanent makeup for nearly 25 years, every person’s face, features and desires are unique and every procedure is, too. The day I stop taking a personal and customized approach is the day I need to quit and do something else (and other than professional shopping, I don’t know what that would be).

Time varies but generally I can do procedures for eyes or brows in about one hour. If I’m doing all three procedures, it will often take under two hours total if the client has had a consultation with me before the appointment.

What does it feel like when you are getting permanent makeup? Does it hurt?

Back when I started in the late 1980’s, it used to hurt more. Now it doesn’t. Clients have a comfortable experience, which has advanced to more of a medical procedure. Even though permanent makeup involves tattooing, it doesn’t hurt at all like body art tattooing.

Do you personally have permanent makeup? Where and why?

Yes, I have permanent makeup on my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. I did this because I truly believe in what I do and enjoy the many benefits it offers being able to literally “wake up with makeup” every morning.

I did the procedures on my eyebrows and lips myself which was a pretty interesting experience. I toyed with the idea of doing my own eyeliner but my eyes are way too important to my business, so I had them professionally done.

Is there down time after a permanent makeup procedure?

Yes, but it’s really minimal. Eyebrows because they are in the center of your face, may have a healing process, which lasts up to a week. However, this is from a visual standpoint only. You will not have pain. It’s just that the color of the brows appears darker until the top layer of skin changes naturally. Eyeliner is only a day. Within 24 hours you can wear mascara. Lips may be slightly chapped on the edges for a couple of days.

Does the makeup fade?

It depends on a number of personal factors such as your lifestyle, your amount of exposure to the sun or a tanning bed, the products you use on your skin, and the unique features of your face. What is important to remember is the lighter the color you choose the less longevity you will get. Naturally, you can assume darker colors will last longer than blonde. Overall, it’s safe to say clients can last years without even a touchup.

Is it possible for a client to not qualify for permanent makeup?

Yes. There are a few occasions, which are usually based on pre-existing medical conditions, such as people who are taking blood thinners. I also will not work on someone who is pregnant.

The other times a client doesn’t qualify is when she is looking to re-do permanent makeup gone wrong. Sometimes if a client went to a permanent makeup artist who was not an expert, their eyes and lips have been so badly treated that I can’t fix them right away.

These cases require surgery or laser therapy or other forms of combination treatment which are quite costly in terms of time, money and effort.

Would you consider this a practical gift for the holiday season?

Perhaps more so in the holiday season, permanent makeup is a great way to kick off a new you in a new year. Many people enter a new year with hopes and aspirations, goals for consistently looking younger and/or better, making more money and having more time to relax or do the things they want to do.

In fact, throughout the year, many of my clients get permanent makeup done because it is a gift from the man in their life. Or moms and daughters come in and get procedures done together.


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