Earlier this year, Pomchies launched its POM MASK line in quick response to the need for comfortable, breathable facial masks at the onset of COVID-19, and now the local company is celebrating the sale of two million masks in just seven months. Due to popular demand of these easy-wearing masks, Pomchies has released a line of fun and cheerful seasonal and holiday masks for all ages.

“Face masks have become a part of wearers’ fashion statements, and through the POM MASKs line alone we’ve reached 33,000 consumer customers,” says Heather Clark, founder and owner of Arizona-based Pomchies, the leader in fashion accessories from headwear and luggage tags to pet products and water bottle carriers all made from durable, stretchy and washable material. “To make mask wearing more fun and approachable for kids and for people that love to match their masks with their outfits or moods, our new seasonal and holiday lines have something for everyone.”    

Pomchies began producing seasonal and holiday themed masks with Halloween and upon seeing the success of those, the company rolled out new patterns and hues for fall, winter, Christmas and Hannukah such as pinecones, blues and golds, buffalo and tartan plaids, snowflakes, stars, and holly berry patterns. Now wearers can also match their POM MASK with a correlating seasonal scrunchie or headband. 

With many schools returning to on-campus learning formats, Pomchies is also resuming production of their other popular accessory items sold directly to college campus bookstores, for example, such as lanyards, POM IDs and more. The company halted production on these items in the wake of school closures last spring and in favor of producing much-needed masks, and is once again seeing demand increase for these school-geared items.  

Wholesalers can purchase two-packs of POM MASKs for just $4.95 per pack; consumers can purchase each two-pack directly from the website for $10.95 per pack. Most two-packs come with one patterned mask and one solid fabric mask in a coordinating color; others have two solid colors or two of the same solid color. Each handmade mask is produced with comfortable, machine washable and breathable swimwear fabric making it both functional and fashionable. Retail orders can be placed directly online. For more information, visit www.pomchies.com.