Spring Trend: Spring-Colored Jeans

Above: Photo: kidcontrol, Flickr Fashion | 4 Apr, 2012 |

Spring fever is by far the best fever that exists in my opinion, so grab that lavender sundress, mint green baby-doll top or lemon yellow pumps, and face the day. But wait, I forgot something, your legs are feeling left out. You’re probably thinking it’s a little too cold still for shorts, which it may be true depending on the day, but there’s a solution — spring-colored jeans.

Now don’t get me wrong, spring-colored sundresses and breezy tops are classic, but it’s time for something new to have it’s moment. So step out of the black and white film of winter in a new, unique way and jump on the colored jeans bandwagon. But be careful; the rule “look before your leap” applies here. This trend should be handled with care, or you will look like a giant, walking Easter egg, and I wouldn’t want to be caught dead looking like that. To make this easier for you, I have included examples of how it’s done right.

Pair them with basic colors

Let’s start with the queen of colored jeans, Jessica Alba. Seriously, this woman must have a pair of jeans in every color you can think of, and she shows them off. Also, fortunately, she has figured out how to tastefully wear them. The jeans are always going to be the showcased article of clothing, so don’t pair it with anything thing else loud. And that doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple. In both photos, Jessica is sporting a lot of accessories but all of them are either black or grey. This is a fail-safe way to wear this look.

Pair them with color, cautiously

Here we have Jessica Alba, again. The reason I am pulling these two photos is to prove to you that you can pair the jeans with color, too; you just need a really good eye. The way to do it is to match the color with the pants. Jessica executed this concept to perfection in both photos. But please be careful because this only works if both pieces you choose are the exact same shade. If you just read this and thought, “What do you mean? Yellow is yellow,” please don’t try to pull this off. Also, make sure you have something to break the color up. You don’t want it to look like a onesie either.

Feel comfortable in them

For some reason, this trend only comes in skin-tight skinny jeans. Well, not only, but 95 percent of them are, and that style can be difficult to pull off. If you have larger hips or are simply not comfortable in that style of jeans, fear not because there is a solution. To avoid feeling like every curve is on display, all you need to do is balance it out. Khloe Kardashian demonstrates this by pairing her colored jeans with boots. And, sidebar, just because we think of pastels in spring doesn’t mean bold colors are off limits.

Avoid sporting mom jeans

Another style flaw is a lot of colored jeans come with an awkwardly high waist. And that’s not a cool, high-waist look either; it’s that dreaded mom jeans look. To avoid the unflattering disaster try searching for a low-rise jean. (I know American Eagle carries that style.) But if you’re unsuccessful don’t worry; the look is still salvageable. Just pair the jeans with a looser-fitted top or a tunic. This way the waistline is hidden.

To me this is a fun, new way to spring-up your wardrobe — not to mention it’s a spring 2012 must-have item.

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