The fall 2018 runways have been fun to watch this year, and there are some exciting trends making a comeback.  Many of the trends we’re set to see are based on trends that were first set in the 80’s, including ruche and tasteful animal prints.  While we don’t recommend retiring your summer clothes just yet (it’s still hot outside!), below is a list of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2018.  Seek out one or two new items for your closet and stake your claim as a fashionista in the area where you live.

1. Animal Print

Forget any preconceptions that you may have about animal print, and look to the runways of Tom Ford, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Victoria Beckham for an idea of what to expect this fall.  The prints are more tasteful than those we’ve seen in the past, and the outfits worn underneath are quite dressed down.  Think flats instead of heels, and a plain Balenciaga T-Shirt instead of more flashy prints.  Animal print coats are especially set to be big this year.

2. Tailored Modesty

For the fall 2018 runways, many designers opted to focus on female sexuality while keeping their models looking modest.  This is why designers like Balenciaga have created some fantastic layered offerings, and why the runway shows from Erdem featured dresses worn over shirts and stockings.  One thing’s for sure – at least we’ll be a lot warmer this year than we have been in the past!  Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane are the only designers of note not to have followed this trend with their collections.

3. Glossy Fabrics

Glossy fabrics were used by many of the top designers who showcased fall 2018 fashion.  Many opted for plastic designs (a continuation from the summer 2018 trend), while others opted for leather, vinyl, and latex.  The Fendi collection contained outfits that had a rain-proof finish, while Chanel focused on metallic items in a glossy material.  Coats and jackets are certain to be more practical than they have been in recent years.

4. Balaclavas

If you’ve noticed one theme on the catwalks for fall 2018, it’s that the designers are thinking of pure practicality.  Many of the designers this year opted to send their models out wearing an assortment of unusual head gear – most notably balaclavas.  Preen, Gucci and Calvin Klein all created balaclava designs, while Dior opted for a Baker Boy style which may be more suitable for everyday wear. 

5. Tweed

Tweed is back and it’s going to be big this year, for both men and women.  Marc Jacobs is the standout designer with this material, and he’s created a selection of large oversized jackets that pair extremely well with leather skirts.  Louis Vuitton also sent a few models down the runway wearing tweed, but he focused on tweed skirts matched with blouses and elegant heels.  Miu-Miu is another designer we can’t ignore here – their bold 80s inspired coats were modelled by Elle Fanning, and are sure to be popular with women everywhere.

6. Western

The Western trend was hard to ignore on the fall 2018 catwalks, especially when Isabel Marant opened her show with a rendition of Dolly Parton’s Jolene.  Models wearing prairie dresses, cowboy boots, and neckerchiefs have all been seen this year.  Fendi and Calvin Klein also got in on this trend, showing us perhaps what futuristic cowboys might look it in plaid dresses and traditional Western shirts.  This is a fun trend, and one we’re definitely excited for.

7. Leather

We mentioned leather briefly above, but this is set to be one of the domineering fabrics in fall 2018.  Leather has been used by designers for trench coats, pants, jackets, and skirts, and not all designers stuck to the traditional black look either.  Loewe, for example, opted for butterscotch leather, while Givenchy gave us some beautiful petrol-green designs.  Saint Laurent and Hermes also had some gorgeous leather designs.

8. Hoods

Finally, hoods are also trending for fall 2018.  Margiela and Versace sent some urban streetwear designs down the runways, while we saw some lo-fi Balenciaga hoodies in both anorak and jersey styles which you can check out in the Balenciaga mens FW18 collection at Ssense.  Valentino was another designer to opt for hoods, but they added a whimsical feeling to their designs, similar to the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood.  Hoods are set to be popular in both men and women’s fashion.

Keeping up with the fashion trends each season can mean a lot of work, but luckily many of the trends for fall 2018 are timeless pieces, meaning you can match them with many of the pieces likely already in your wardrobe and continue wearing them for a long time to come.  Which of the above trends are you most excited about?  Let us know in the comments.