You must wear something that makes you feel capable, powerful, confident and happy. Wearing fashion will make you feel happy and empowered. There is a proven theory according to which the dopamine is released in your head to give you the same rush as a drug when you wear something that makes you happy. Below mentioned are some of the fashion styles and you can select the best for you to make you feel happy. 

1. Punk 

Vivienne Westwood is the flag bearer of Punk fashion and this fashion suggests the categories of Tshirts with provocative and defiant wordings, leather jackets, fishnet stockings, studded black boots, skater skirt, black tight pants, and black colored clothing. This clothing in punk is combined with a lot of body tattoos and piercings with dark-colored eyes. 

2. Bohemian style

The Boho or Bohemian Chic is the Hippie style of the ’70s which consists of bright-colored, freestyled flowy clothing and long hair. The Bohemian dresses are made with bold patterns, prints and are combined with bell-bottom pants. The bohemian style includes clothes made with completely natural materials and most of the time these clothes are handcrafted. This style is one of the most colorful and free-spirited. Blowy maxi dresses are also bohemian dresses. 

3. Biker Fashion

This fashion as the name suggests is emulated from what bikers usually wear. The fashion includes wearing motorcycle vests, leather jackets, leather pants, skin fitted pants, boots, and exposed zippers. 

4. Cosplay fashion 

 Cosplay fashion is a big style. In Cosplay, people dress up as their favorite anime characters. They wear furries too which refer to a type of dressing like furry animals. Cosplay fashion is one of the famous fashions among people. 

5. Modest Fashion

Modest fashion is a clothing style that includes loose-fitting dresses that are the most comfortable to wear. These types of dresses are less skin revealing and are mostly worn by people having religious beliefs. Normally long lengthy tunics are included in a modest fashion style. 

6. Rave fashion 

Rave fashion is somehow similar to the Punk style. This fashion includes baggy pants, booty shorts, and jumpsuits. Other clothing in this style includes fishnet stockings, bold colors, platform shoes, and leg warmers. 

7. Flamboyant style 

The flamboyant style includes dresses in startling colors. This Flamboyant fashion includes exaggerated styles which are just meant for being attractive and getting attention. 

8. Ankara Fashion

Ankara Fashion is the style in which more colorful and vibrant clothing is included. Most of the clothes in Ankara fashion are printed on African wax fabric. 

9. Streetwear style 

Streetwear style fashion is one of the coolest fashion designs that have its evolution traced from the streets. The streetwear style has originated from the stake culture and Californian surf. Most of the designers in this era use a combination of this streetwear style with their signature styles. 

10. Ethnic Fashion 

Ethnic fashion style is a clothing style that has been adopted totally from the traditional dresses of different origins. Ethnic fashion also includes Afghan coats, Eastern Kaftans and Tunics, Japanese Kimonos and Mexican blouses. Ethnic fashion is truly a global fashion.