Runway fashion trends can sometimes be daunting and difficult to pull off. The solution? Make sure they fit with your own personal style. The following is a list of the top spring 2012 fashion trends.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends


Bright colors such as lime green, tangerine and turquoise will be popular this spring. These hues are typically paired up with “color blocking” — a technique that involves sewing together solid-colored blocks of fabric. If you’re hesitant about wearing neon, try wearing only pops of these bright shades in your accessories. Also, the toned down version of these colors, such as mint, peach and sky blue, will be just as trendy.

Art Deco Graphics

Who said abstract art was just for your walls? Geometric shapes will be making a comeback this spring. Linear lines and maze-inspired designs will be on everything from shirts to dresses. If you’re afraid that lines won’t flatter your figure, try wearing a small print with colors in the same family.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends


Although it would be great to be able to roll out of bed and be ready to go, this trend is not for the lazy. Tailored pant suits in a silky material are both comfortable and chic. Think casual yet dressy to avoid looking like you’re ready for bedtime.

Athletic Chic

This interesting combination of feminine and urban isn’t your usual gym-wear. The juxtaposition of heels and tracksuits give athletic wear a couture touch. Try wearing simple basics with fancier pieces to pull this look off.

Diaphanous White

White is a prime color this spring, but not just any white! White in transparent and light fabrics will be common in the springtime. If you’re not quite ready to don a full on dress in this risque material try wearing a loose white blouse with a pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Graphic Florals

Of course florals couldn’t be left out of this season. However, this year this popular spring print is being given a new look from fashion designers. Graphic florals are digital manipulations of traditional floral patterns and are much more complex and bright. This look is not for the timid, but if you’re feeling adventurous try pairing a top in this print with simple pieces or a graphic floral dress with nude pumps and understated jewelry.

Crop Tops

No need to do a million crunches for this one. The trick to pulling off this look is to make the top work for your body type. Wear loose cropped tops as opposed to fitted ones, the baggier shape will make your waist look smaller. If you’re still opposed to showing off your abs, pair a cropped top with a high-waisted bottom.

Black on Yellow

This color combination will be everywhere this spring. To avoid looking like a giant bumble bee try the 20-80 rule. Either wear 20 percent black and 80 percent yellow, or 20 percent yellow and 80 percent black. Another alternative is to wear a tailored yellow piece with black lace overlay or a black leather piece with yellow trim.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Peplum Accents

What is a peplum you say? A peplum is a short, flared ruffle on tops and dresses that define the waist. This not only creates a feminine touch to an outfit but can also accentuate the hip area. However, if you’re like me, that’s the last thing you want to do. For pear-shaped ladies, try opting for clothing with smaller peplums and in darker colors, such as navy blue, dark purple and black.

Polka Dots

Sick of wearing florals? Try polka dots instead. This spring, black on white will be one of the most popular color combos, as well as pastel and jewel tones. When wearing polka dots keep in mind your height; if you have a small frame try to stick with small polka dots. If you’re tall (lucky you!) you can easily pull off both small and big prints.

Animal Prints

Cheetahs, tigers and leopards, oh my! This trend is almost as old as fashion itself. Avoid wearing head to toe animal print and instead opt for a skinny belt in one of these daring prints to make a loose solid-colored blouse more fitted or a pair of animal print flats to go with a black pair of jeans. Continuing with the safari-esque theme, tribal patterns, such as zigzags and chevrons in desert hues, will also be popular.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Gatsby Era

The Roaring Twenties are making a comeback this spring with flapper dresses, sequins, rich silks and feathers. The ’20s era was famous for its extravagant and luxurious sense of fashion. To tone it down for everyday wear, try wearing a top with translucent sequins instead of metallic ones for subtle shimmer. Incorporating casual clothing pieces made of silk or velvet is also a great way to get in on this trend.

Whimsical Patterns

Spring wouldn’t be spring without the celebration of nature. Whimsical patterns of birds, deers and fruit on articles of clothing will be common this season. Make them wearable by choosing small prints over pastel shades and pairing them up with girly pieces (delicate headbands, ballet flats and A-line skirts) for a cute, romantic look.

As you can see, the trick to looking great in these trends is to work with your body type, incorporate some of your basic pieces, and always stay true to your own personal sense of style.

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