As cold weather comes in, new trends in jewelry do as well. Big gems and rings are making their way into this fall’s forecast. Local boutiques can contest that these are their customers’ season favorites and employees’ favorites as well.

Event coordinator for Kendra Scott of Scottsdale Sabrina Spector says the most popular jewelry in the store is drusy. The dark stone is perfect for the cool weather, she says. The pieces range from $65 to $125.

Danielle Earrings
Agate earrings by Kendra Scott.

“Our customers cannot get enough of our beautiful drusy pieces,” Spector says.

Spector has a favorite of her own though. She loves this season’s new iridescent agate earrings.

“It is my favorite because when the light catches it, these earrings look absolutely stunning on,” she says.

Threads by the Shine Project‘s favorite trend this fall is also gems, but with a little bit of charity. Every Threads bracelet bought will help a student financially. The most popular threads are the costume

Threads bracelet.
Threads bracelet.

bracelet stacks. Mix and match gems to make a unique stack of your own. The prices range from $12 to $24.

“I am loving the small and delicate charms on a simple chain,” Brooke Carlson of Threads says.

At Frances Vintage, silver adorned with turquoise is the popular combination at the moment. Knuckle rings are flying off the shelves, too. Sara Matlin from Frances reveals that knuckle rings is her favorite as well.

Ring from Frances Vintage.
Ring from Frances Vintage.

She also likes a stacking ring bands together. For only $6 each, Matlin recommends buying a few to mix and match.

Clutch Jewelry is wearing its jewels a different way. Stacy Eden of Clutch says putting rings on a long chain gives a retro look that’s multifunctional.

Her favorite rings to put on a chain have big baroque and snake prints on them. These rings are handmade and come in silver, gold and bronze, starting at $98.

“The bigger and more detailed the better! Snakes have always fascinated me…The way they move captivates me to my core,” Eden says.