A new study from researchers with the UK’s University of Kent in Canterbury found that men are far less likely to dress age appropriate than women.  As we head into event and holiday season, it’s important to dress your best for every occasion. At Nick’s Menswear, we emphasis the importance of owning over renting at every stage of life. There is so much education out there for women about the best styles for every age group, but men are often left in the dark about what is trending. Below are some helpful pointers on how to look your best, in every era.

The High schooler

High schoolers are all about fit, so fads for them start with who they look up to, whether that is a pro sports athlete, celebrity, or public figure. NBA players have been photographed wearing bright colors and pants tailored shorter than we have ever seen in previous generations. Teens are even trading in suit pants for tailored suit shorts. High schoolers can also throw in a mid-height boot, or a pair of loafers with no socks to pair with the shorter trends.

Patterned suits with floral ties, bow ties and street style (a suit that keeps your style, but is elevated) is important for teens to really stand out in the crowd. The most essential style of all is owning the suit, so that you can have the exact style you want when heading to high school dances.

30 Through 40-Year-Olds

When you’re in your 30s and 40s, it’s essential to develop “your look”. This means buying quality, not quantity and focusing on suits that not only fit your style, but also fit you.

With more sophisticated work parties and formal holiday parties, the ugly sweater is out and a perfectly tailored suit is in. Go for something bolder than just your solids. Patterned suits with a complimenting pattered shirt and tie make any look pop. Burgundy suits are trending this year and you can accessorize by throwing on a tie bar or lapel pin. 

Be the showstopper at any party, not just the guy with the stunning lady. A well-dressed man is everything.

The 50+ Man

Slim is in (well slimmer than you are used to), and that’s ok! Keep your style game strong, no matter what the age. Color-blocking is always a good go-to. Don’t be afraid of color, but also don’t overdo it. Many older men want to go with the traditional black suit with a black shoe, but they shouldn’t be afraid to spice things up. We recommend going with a medium blue suit and brown shoe.

This is the time to get rid of your silk ties, pleated pants, three button suits and accentuated shoulder pads. Instead, go for a flat front pant, two button suit and more of a European styled suit (less shoulder). Pair it all with a cotton or wool blend tie and remember, you’ve still got it.


Michelle Fink has been the director of wedding operations at family owned and locally operated, Nick’s Menswear for eight years. Nick’s Menswear is the Valley’s industry leader when it comes to quality suits with the best fit, price and service around. To learn more about Nick’s Menswear, visit nicksmenswear.com.