A good thing about fashion is that it grooms a person, but the bad thing about it is that it gets old.  The dressing ideas for College boys were quite different in ancient times. Mostly college uniform was preferred in the 19’s. With the advancement in the world, the uniform system in the college is getting faint.  Many new ideas for men have been launched and introduced for College dressings. Many brands like Vlone have different sections for men by the name of the college-going outfit.

Fashion sense among college boys

The fashion sense of a person is closely linked to the dressing he adopts. Men don’t have a variety of colours to embrace for dressing, but they have plenty of styles to follow to look great. A good sense of dressing polishes the good looks of a person. A person average looking with having a great dressing sense looks graceful. Fashion should be decent and up to date.

College life dressing styles

College life is one of the most fascinating and charming phases of life. The youngsters have a passion for living their lives to the fullest. Fashion is one of the top things to be adopted by those who love to live their life. Youngsters, especially college-going boys, are very conscious about their looks. They all want to look cool and handsome.  This is the age of life where fashion seems more important than any other thing in life.

A cool and light dressing is always a perfect match for going to college. Five of the college outfit ideas for men in 2021 are below mentioned.

Casual wears

A casual t-shirt along with jeans pent is a good idea for the college boy to adopt. The color scheme for the outfit is according to the taste of the person. Bright and funky colors look cool on teenagers. Both pants of black and jeans colored are used for college outfit.

Stylish look

Printed open shirts with black or white undershirts looks cool and is getting more famous in the times of 2021. This imparts a pleasant and cool look to the teenage boys. Spikes of hair and gel setting along with this dressing suits a lot.  Sneakers are used commonly with this type of dressing.  Ripped jeans are getting more common. It looks cool with open shirts.

Polo shirts

Ripped jeans are used with polo shirts by the smart boys. Some dressings are meant for smart people other looks good on healthy boys as well. This is the most common and trendy summer look to be adopted by the college-going men for the gear 2021.

Winters’s look

In winters, hoodies along with ripped jeans or simple jeans are used more frequently.  Sweatshirts are also a good option, but hoodies look cooler. Men usually wear a hood and pose to get pictures. This was a trend in the college boys seen in the year 2021 to pose with hoods—sneakers and any hairstyles suits this type of dressing.  Hoodies of standard colours are more trendy than funky colours as some sobber colours look more graceful in winters.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets with any stylish undershirt is the dressing used by those boys who are mature. It was observed that the serious and mature college boys adopt leather jacket dressing more frequently rather than hoodies and ripped jeans.  Leather jackets with simple pants look graceful and decent. The leather keeps your body warm and gives you a pleasant look.

Impact of dressing on personality

The personality of a person is directly linked to the dressing sense of a person. Men choose dress codes for their selves according to their taste and personality. Different types of Vlone outfits like are there in the market. Everyone should adopt the one that suits them.  Boys usually focus on their complexion, height, body weight and facial looks carefully before choosing their outfit. A person can best figure out that what kind of dress suits him.


College going boys adopt a variety of dressing sense and dress code. There are mainly two types of boys in the college. The boys who play a truant and goes college for enjoyment merely. The other type is of those college boys whose purpose is to study and achieve something in life.  Th dressing style and code of both types are quite different from each other. Sobber colors are meant to be worn by severe and like students. The cool and jolly boys frequently use all the funky colours in college times.