The Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy pre-show Q-and-A series give you 10 questions of insight into your favorite comedians’ minds.

You may recognize Sean Donnelly from MTV’s World of Jenks, The Late Show with David Letterman, or TruTV series World’s Dumbest.  When he’s not hanging out with his pet bulldog, Rickles, he co-hosts the podcast My Dumb Friends with fellow comedian Dan St. Germain (coming soon to Comedy Central Sirius) and hosts a weekly show at Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn.  Donnelly has headlined comedy shows in all parts of New York, and is coming to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy Feb. 4 through the 8.

1. When was the moment you realized you wanted to be a comedian?
There was probably a series of moments but the most memorable was making my dad laugh at the dinner table and making a whole laugh when I was 14 at this charity event.

2. What was your best (or most embarrassing) moment on stage?
My best moment on stage was performing on The Late Show with David Letterman and realizing after that it’s the same stage The Beatles performed on for the first time in the US. My worst moment onstage was at a post-film fest party where I had to stand on a milk crate and everybody had their backs turned the other way. That was rough.

3. What’s one thing you want people to know about doing stand-up that nobody has ever asked you?
It’s really fun. Nobody has every actually asked me “is it fun?” Maybe because they assume it is. You will definitely have ups and downs like anything but for the most part it is a blast.

4. Who is your comedic inspiration?
Comic-wise, Patrice O’Neal and Brian Regan, and also my friends like Dan. St. Germain, Mike Lawrence, Joe List and Mark Normand.

5. What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about stand-up?
It changes your life and if done properly you will lose touch with some friends

6. What’s one item you never hit the road without?
My glasses and phone

7. What is your favorite city to perform in and why?
Besides NYC I have had the most fun in Cincinnati and St. Louis and the reason is really cool people and the shows were unbelievable!

8. Describe yourself in three words:
Nice, funny and loyal.

9. If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?
Hawaii with my family

10. What did you do the last time you were in Phoenix?
I have never been to Phoenix, and I can’t wait to check it out. I am glad I won’t be there during “fry an egg on the street” weather though.