In the United Arab Emirates, can anyone marry on a visit visa?

Many foreign couples have made the UAE their new home. When it comes to wedding destinations, choosing the bride’s or groom’s home country typically leaves the other side disappointed because all travel plans and expenses will fall on one side solely.

Since marrying in the UAE is such a complicated and demanding process, most residents, particularly foreigners, have had many issues about marriages in the UAE. Visitors with a travel visa are one of the most common ones. People also seek to learn how to marry if they live in the United Arab Emirates. We hope it aids you in making a more informed decision.

Continue reading to learn how to marry in the UAE while on a tourist visa.

On a visit visa, these are the key factors to know about UAE weddings!

Muslim weddings for expatriates and residents are performed in Dubai and other regions of the UAE in compliance with Sharia requirements that are applicable irrespective of the couple’s nationalities.

Non-Muslim expats in Dubai are allowed to marry and record their marriages at their home countries’ embassy or consulates. Christian expatriates can marry in one of Dubai’s churches and have their wedding certified at the embassy or consulate. If the expat couple getting married in Dubai is from two separate nations, the marriage must be documented with both countries’ embassies in the UAE for it to be legitimate.

General conditions for getting married in the United Arab Emirates while on a visit visa

The bride’s willingness or approval is one of the essential criteria. A valid UAE visitor visa must be held by either the partner or the guardian. They must have the couple’s valid passports and the couple’s valid status—a valid Health Screening Certificate from one of DHA’s primary health care facilities.

If you are getting married in the UAE, you must undergo a health check. This test is used to eliminate the possibility of a contagious or hereditary disorder. If the result is negative, the marriage request will be refused.

If the bride seems to be on a visitor’s visa in the UAE accompanied by her father or legal representative, the groom’s residence visa will suffice to conclude the marriage.

Because the bride is on a visit visa, she will be required to present her medical certificate in this case. But if the groom is on a visit visa in the UAE, the bride’s father or legal guardian’s documentation will be necessary. If the bride is divorced or widowed, an authentic document of her marital status will be required.

Final word on can anyone marry on visit visa in UAE

These are some of the essential regulations and conditions that you must follow if you wish to marry in Dubai while on a visit visa. The easiest approach to finding out all the specific criteria and requirements is to go to the respective embassy.