No longer relegated to ferrying golfers, “golf cars” have burgeoned into a lifestyle hallmark, especially with active adults 55+ seeking more joy in the little things and a “wind in their hair” experience. In fact, Mordor Intelligence predicts that the golf car market will become a $2.5 billion industry by 2026. According to Club Car, a global leader in golf, consumer and utility vehicles, only about half of personal golf car owners use their vehicles on the course. So, what has elevated the golf car to a cherished staple off the course?

The Rise of Master-Planned Communities

As master-planned developments have surged in the last decade, residents ages 55+ have flocked to communities that offer the live, work and play environment. Since these active-style neighborhoods contain many conveniences, the golf car has become the perfect option for running errands or meeting for coffee. Additionally, master-planned communities have become a hotspot for multi-generational families. Parents and grandkids who live just around the corner simply hop on their golf car to join a birthday party or Sunday dinner.

Functionality Meets Fun

When walking or cycling is no longer a viable option, the easy-to-drive golf car is a safe ride to neighborhood Bunco tournaments or a water aerobics class. The golf car affords independence and mobility without the hassle or risks of a full-fledged motor vehicle. Club Car’s Lifted Onward®, for example, touts a proprietary suspension system that minimizes lateral wheelbase movement for greater confidence during turns. The enhanced suspension system provides exceptional handling and performance when fully loaded. Standard LED headlights, turn signals and running lamps light the drive, make you more visible to traffic and keep the fun going after sundown.


When COVID cabin fever set in, outdoor activities became a social lifeline, especially for the high-risk 55+ crowd, and golf car popularity soared as friends joined backyard game nights and cocktail hours. As the quarantine tightened, golf courses offered socially distanced recreation surrounded by fresh air and open space, leading to a renewed love of golf, with nearly 100 million more rounds of golf played in the U.S. in 2021 compared to 2018. And the latest of technologies, like autonomous driving and GPS mapping, golf cars are the easy choice for golf fans to pursue their passion.

Economical and Energy Efficient

The 55+ demographic keeps a close on eye on hard-earned assets. As the cost of living increases and supply chains tighten, traditional gas-powered vehicles are rising in cost. Here, the golf car shines as an economical alternative saving on insurance rates and maintenance costs for those on a fixed income, while also being gentler on the environment. The Club Car Onward, for example, boasts a rustproof, aircraft-quality aluminum frame that prevents corrosion and alleviates unnecessary repair.

Steadily, our society is returning to the meaningful moments that enrich our existence from poolside parties to birthday cake with the grandson. And the golf car is taking centerstage as a touchstone that reconnects us with the simple joys of life.

Jeff Tyminski is the vice president of marketing and product management for Club Car. For more information, visit