March 31, 2022

Joey Hancock

Governor signs bill allowing Arizona dentists to give Botox shots

The next time you visit the dentist to get a routine cleaning you will be able to fill in those annoying forehead wrinkles as well. On March 18, Gov. Doug Ducey signed off on SB1074 allowing dentists to give cosmetic injections of Botox, also known as dermal fillers. The new law will take effect this summer.

Dentists have been using Botox for many years to treat TMJ, a jaw pain disorder that leads to pain and discomfort. However, they have not been able to use the medication for cosmetic purposes until now.

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Dr. Edward Harsini of Smile Dental Clinics in Phoenix said dentists who have Botox treatment certification are uniquely qualified to provide cosmetic Botox treatments to patients.

“Dentists work in the oral cavity and lips are part of the oral cavity, so we have the knowledge to work with Botox,” he said.  “If trained nurses and physician assistants at some offices can give injections, I don’t see why Botox certified dentists can’t do it.”

Allowing dentists to give Botox injections opens a new area for Arizona dentists to attract patients and provide a service they may not be able to get elsewhere.

“This new world has such an emphasis on aesthetics,” Harsini said. “Our face is our gateway to our physical beauty. I think allowing dentists to give cosmetic Botox injections adds a whole new dimension to a dental office.”

SB1074 was among more than a dozen bills Gov. Ducey signed March 18.


Author: Joey Hancock is a freelance journalist living in Tempe, Arizona. He has written for multiple publications throughout Arizona covering politics, sports, and breaking news.