Wire netting is a type of netting that can be used for a number of different things including at home, on a farm, on a building site and many other places. Wire netting is a kind of netting that has very small hexagon shape gaps in them.

With so many uses, it is hard to believe that not everyone is using this netting for their farming needs. Below, we’ll talk about some of the great ways that wire netting can be used.

Use as a Fence

One of the ways that you can use wire netting is by using it as a kind of fence for your garden. For example, if you are looking to separate some space in your garden then, you can use wire netting to help you build a fence. If you already have a wooden fence in your garden, you can still consider adding some wire netting to make it more secure and closed off from your neighbour or from other areas of land around your garden area.

Keep Your Crops Safe

If you are growing crops and other things in your garden, you will probably find that it will draw attention to wild animals. This is because wild animals will be wandering around and looking for things to eat. If you have wire netting, you will find that it can keep your crops safe from bigger animals such as rabbits and foes as it will prevent them from being able to reach your crops. Although it will keep out the bigger animals, it won’t stop bugs and insects from getting to your crops with means you will have to look for other ways to keep the bug away from crops in your garden.

Keep Your Animals from Escaping

If you have pet rabbit then, wire netting is a great thing to have and this is because it can stop your animals from escaping as they won’t be small enough to fit through the gaps and run away. You should place your wire netting around all the parts of your garden that your rabbit could escape from. This is because it will allow your animals to have more space to run around without you worrying about it escaping.  Just make sure that the wire netting is secure and doesn’t have any gaps as your pet could escape and run away out of your garden.

Make Sure You Keep This Information in Mind

There are many ways that you can use wire netting and we discussed just some of those ways. It can be great for keeping things inside and for keeping unwanted things out. If you are looking for ways to achieve this, then we suggest that you give wire netting a try today. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article to help make the right decision in the future.