What is the greatest combination of anything, ever, for success in life?

To help business professionals find greater success in life, we asked community leaders and small business owners this question for their best pieces of advice. From being persistent and open to staying informed and acting quickly, there are several winning combos that may help you find increased success and happiness in life.

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Here are 10 character trait duos that can help you win at life:

  • Taking Risks and Being Creative
  • Being Persistent and Willing to Learn
  • Having Curiosity Paired With Empathy
  • Staying Informed and Acting Fast
  • Networking and Working Hard
  • Being Humble and Showing Respect
  • Asking for Help and Trusting Yourself
  • Persevering and Showing Grit
  • Being Passionate and Practicing Self-Care
  • Balancing Optimism With Realistic Expectations 

10 Greatest Combinations of Things That Win at Life

Taking Risks and Being Creative

Leather and wood is my favorite combination to date as an interior designer. I love putting textures and elements together that the average person wouldn’t think would be a good combination and layering it in a design for a custom home. It is jaw-dropping! Mixing natural wood as an end table with a media stand that has leather pulls and a leather throw pillow is a design combination that is unmatched. Take risks in your creativity not just in interior design, but in the design of all aspects in your life.

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors


Being Persistent and Willing to Learn

When it comes to success in life, be persistent and couple it with a willingness to grow and learn. When we are not willing to move outside our comfort zones, or are unwilling to put in the work that’s necessary, then we do not move 一 we become stagnant. Success is derived from growth. So working towards continued growth will help you become successful 一 no matter what you do in life. 

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Having Curiosity Paired With Empathy

The greatest combination of things that win at life is genuine curiosity and empathy. When we are curious, we stay open-minded, open to learning something new. We aren’t stuck in status quo thinking. That, coupled with empathy, allows us to see from another’s perspective. We want to walk a moment in their shoes and remain open to new possibilities. When I feel successful in life, I am open, I am learning, and I am feeling a connection to another person. 

Jenn Christie, Markitors


Staying Informed and Acting Quickly

I have always been passionate about taking on new challenges and ventures as a leader. As a result, I have found myself in multiple leadership roles throughout my time as an entrepreneur. By staying informed, you’ll be aware of changing customer needs and quickly identify voids in the marketplace that present those new opportunities. By acting quickly to fill those voids, you’ll be ahead of the competition in cornering the marketplace. 

Shaunak Amin, SnackMagic


Networking and Working Hard

I believe a steady combination of networking and hard work can create success in life. It’s often who you know, not what you know, that opens a lot of doors. Hard work is also a necessary ingredient because success doesn’t just wait for you to be ready. You have to be willing to put the work in.

Randi Shinder, SBLA


Being Humble and Showing Respect

Success requires humility and respect. Humility is necessary because it shows you’re always willing to listen, learn, and improve. Respect can take you incredibly far both in business and in personal interactions. Being respectful and humble allows you to get to places you never thought were possible.

Greg Hannley, Soba Recovery


Asking for Help and Trusting Yourself

I think that combining both independence with being open-minded and appreciative of inspiration and guidance from others is advantageous for success. Especially in the beginning of your endeavors, you’ll need to ask questions and to hear stories from those who have been in the kinds of positions that you wish to pursue. At the same time, there will be times when you need to trust in yourself and take the reins. Too much of anything won’t help, so be sure to maintain a healthy amount of both of these qualities.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm


Persevering and Showing Grit

Grit and perseverance are the necessary elements for success in life. The world is harsh, so grit is often necessary to navigate tough situations. Perseverance is also necessary because it can be tempting to quit when things get difficult but if you stick with something, it can be highly rewarding.

Fred Gerantabee, Foster Grant


Being Passionate and Practicing Self-Care

I believe that genuinely caring about what you do and what you want is crucial to propelling you forward to attaining your goals. In addition, you must take care of yourself by maintaining your health and wellness. Take your vitamins, eat well, and don’t forget to check in with yourself on a spiritual level as well. It’s always worth it to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Even if you don’t achieve material success, or at least not in the way you imagined, you can still find success in paying attention to your well-being.

Mary Berry, Cosmos Vita


Balancing Optimism With Realistic Expectations

I think that a combination of positive thinking and hard work is essential to success. First of all, you have to believe in yourself and what you can achieve. That being said, you also need to be realistic about how much you have to learn and how much effort you have to put into your endeavors. Nothing happens overnight. A balance of optimism and realism will keep you enthusiastic, focused, and level-headed.

Ashwinn Krishnaswamy, Oklahoma Smokes




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