Who is there?

Hey, I am 2020, your very own New Year, and I am here to make a bang in your life with some splash of new colors, and waves of freshness.

Yes, 2020 is here – unfolding a new decade – and it is all set to rock our lives. New stories are about to begin, some resolutions are in the loop, and desires for a better life are unfolding.

And when we are talking about making our lives better, we can’t skip out our living spaces where we spend most part of our days.

Having a living space that makes you feel ‘at home’, drips peace of mind, improves the quality of life, and triggers aesthetics is the nitty-gritty of bringing betterment in your life.

So, this year, let’s take a dip in the extravaganza of life by renovating your home with trendy home improvement ideas that are going to rule every home.

Thinking to spatter a new coat to spruce up your walls? Great!

Going to buy a new sofa set for your lounge? Wow!

Planning to add some new art pieces as well? Amazing!

But while you are thinking of changing the lookout of your walls and surroundings, don’t forget about your worn out and old-fashioned flooring. All your efforts fly out of the window, including your splurged money, if you skip the floor from your home improvement plan.

Don’t do that!

Add floor enhancement in your renovation plan to reinvigorate the overall appeal of your home.

If you ask for my flooring recommendation, I always go with wood flooring. Tiles, marbles, and porcelain stuff are good, but there is some irresistible charm in the timber flooring, like eucalyptus flooring, that is hard to skip.

The best part about hardwood floors is that they fit in every home design. Whether you are looking for a chic contemporary look, Bohemian appeal, Mediterranean touch, or simple, rugged style, hardwoods just sneak in every styling option to slay your floors.

And we are more than happy about that!

So, forget about tile and get ready to pile hardwood boards for your next floor remodeling project.

Wondering what the hot trends are? Don’t worry – we have done all the research work for you.

You don’t need to hit your search engines or plunge into the interior design magazines. You only need to know the most common hardwood flooring trends that go out of style.

Straight Pattern for the Basic Touch:

If you have the slightest notion about the hardwood floor, then you will be familiar with this pattern because the straight design is the most common installation style. You might have gotten a glimpse of this pattern in a movie or at your friend’s home because it is like everywhere.

People love it not only because they look so aesthetically pleasing lying next to each other, and it is a bit less costly and more time-saving as compared to other patterns.

Herringbone Pattern for More Stylish Look

Herringbone has become the most popular pattern and after the straight style. It can be installed parallel or diagonally to the walls with a number of configurations with the option to add borders. Many people like it because this design was once used by the Romans on roads. It is also considered the traditional floor pattern in Europe.

While it, no doubt, brings life to your home, it also makes space look smaller. So, if you already have a small house, you might want to think before installing herringbone pattern hardwood floor.