In today’s materialistic world, lifestyle has become more and more work-oriented, which has to lead to humans forgetting the most important part of their life – their health. With each day, we face new challenges and to cope up with these, we cut down on self-care. But in doing this we risk our health and fitness. Therefore one must change his lifestyle to take good care of themselves and to remain fit and healthy for their future endeavours. Here are 5 changes to start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Get up, go out and start moving: “Sound mind resides in a sound body” a quote known to everyone yet practised by very few. So if you want to have a healthy lifestyle start with getting up early and exercising. Early morning, the pollution level in the air is at a minimum. This facilitates better oxygen intake in the lungs. Exercising helps you increase the intake which is best if done early morning and therefore this combo of exercising early morning results in better lungs. Exercising also leads to a good fitness and increased mobility. A day cannot have more perfect start than a good exercise hour early morning.

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2. Stay hydrated, drink more and more water: The best solution for a balanced metabolism is the proper intake of water. It is well known how much important water is to the human body. Therefore, proper intake of water is a must. Ideally, 64 ounces of water a day can help achieve good metabolism, glowing skin and also weight loss.

3. Proper sleep: Around 7-8 hours of sleep is a minimum requirement of the body to work properly. Not taking proper sleep can result in less focus on work, drowsiness during day time and therefore can Hinder the performance levels and cause the efficiency to lower down. Therefore a proper sound sleep without disturbance is a must. Skipping just an hour of sleep and getting 6 hours results in increasing the risk of obesity by 23 per cent.

4. Smoking e-cigarettes: Smoking cigarettes has for long been a health issue. But some of us are in such a place where this cannot be avoided or we have grown fond of this and are now addicted to it. So one should switch from smoking to vaping as vaping is comparatively less harmful and has less toxic effects on the lungs. A dry herb weed vaporizer is a good choice to go for. It heats weed to a temperature where the turn to gas without actually combusting plant material. This results in clean, medicinal and smooth vapour instead of the regular smoke which is also having flavours. Therefore, it is good substitute if the smoke is irritating to lungs.

5. Fats: Having a tight amount of fats in your diet is a must. It does not. make you chubby but instead provides for efficient immune system functioning, glowing skin and fat burning (yes it’s true). This good fat does not mean adding fried food to diet but instead insists upon including good fats from foods like avocado, nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish.

All of these are some basic steps that can be taken. There might other depending on the type of lifestyle one has and the requirements he has from his body and the lifestyle gets planned accordingly. But surely these few amendments need to made to achieve a healthy body.