1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of Gold Medal Gymnastics, Amanda Borden, keeps in shape, but it hasn’t always been easy — especially now in her 30s.

“I retired from gymnastics when I was about 21, and my body went through a lot of changes,” Borden says. “Through my 30s, I had two kids, and my life changed a lot, too. Finding time to workout was extremely difficult, and finding something that motivated me to actually workout was even harder.”

She continued to workout but had trouble getting results, especially compared to the immediate results she used to see in her 20s.

So, to get back in Olympic shape, Borden turned to Orangetheory Fitness, a workout completed in four 10-30 minute intervals throughout an hour, including cardio intervals, weight training routines, rowing and suspension straps. The workout helps build strength and increase energy with noticeable results in three months.

“I’ve always been a very motivated person, but actually doing a workout that is going to challenge me enough to get the results I want is really hard to do without having someone else push you,” says Borden, who frequents the Orangetheory Fitness in Chandler. “The Orangetheory workout challenges me every time I’m there, and it pushes me to places I would never push myself.

“The great thing is that each trainer is really different in his or her style and approach to the workout, so it really feels like no two classes are the same. In one hour at Orangetheory, I get in a killer cardio and strength workout, and I’m really pushing my endurance to the max at the same time.”

In addition to attending Orangetheory classes, Borden says she tries to do something active every day.

“Workout at Orangetheory, go for a run, ride bikes with my kids, etc.,” she adds. “I find that if I build fitness activities into my life, it’s much easier to get a routine and stick with it!”

For more information about Amanda Borden and Orangetheory Fitness, including locations, visit goldmedalgym.com and orangetheoryfitness.com, respectively.