Banner – University Medicine, nationally recognized for providing exceptional patient care, teaching future health care professionals and conducting groundbreaking research, is the official title sponsor for the 37th El Tour de Tucson.

The official 2019 tour name is the Banner – University Medicine El Tour de Tucson and Diamond Children’s Medical Center is the primary beneficiary of the race.

Banner impacts the lives of thousands on a day-to-day basis and will help do its part in the cycling world on Nov. 23, 2019, when riders from all over descend on Tucson and Southern Arizona for one of the top 10 best bicycling events in Arizona and the United States.

The Banner – University El Tour de Tucson, Arizona’s largest cycling event and one of the 10 largest cycling events in the United States, is produced and directed by Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc. Cyclists of all ages and abilities may ride 100, 50 or 25 miles or a Fun Ride of 10, 4 or 1 miles. To register for the race, please visit:

“El Tour de Tucson is more than just a bike ride, it is a Tucson and surrounding community commitment to health, wellness and safety. As the lead sponsor for El Tour de Tucson, Banner University Medicine is extremely proud to help support this nationally recognized cycling event,” said Samuel M. Keim, MD, MS, chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Arizona, Banner University Medical Center emergency medicine physician and cycling enthusiast.

At the center of Banner – University Medicine is patient care, research and teaching. Included in Banner – University Medicine is Banner – University Medical Center PhoenixBanner – University Medical Center SouthBanner – University Medical Center TucsonBanner Children’s at Diamond Children’s Medical Center, the University of Arizona Cancer Center, physician clinics and a health plan division. Banner Academic medicine is the future of medicine today.

“Banner and its mission, the health and well-being of our community, is a perfect fit for El Tour de Tucson,” said Pat Lopez, Chairman of the Board for Perimeter Bicycling. “Banner and El Tour de Tucson have joined together to promote health, wellness, and charitable causes through cycling. We look forward to a great partnership and making a difference in our community.”

Since its inception in 1983, Perimeter Bicycling has raised more than $95 million for over 100 charities. In that time, more than 266,000 cyclists of all ages and abilities have participated in the event. Everyone is encouraged to ride.

“First and foremost, thank you Banner for coming forward to help the ride be more successful than ever,” said Charlene Grabowski, CEO of Perimeter Bicycling. “Banner is an integral part of the community as is El Tour de Tucson, given its history and success with charities. Banner’s commitment to the cycling community, the ride and Southern Arizona is incredible. We share a love for Tucson.”

Banner is the first title sponsor since 2017.