Bauman’s Xtreme Training, a high-intensity fitness movement that features bodyweight circuits, traditional martial arts and ancient warrior philosophies in a 98-degree heated room, will host its grand opening on August 15.

Mayor Jim Lane will be present to support the new business as a ribbon cutting is conducted in celebration of this new addition to the city of Scottsdale. The ribbon cutting will kick off the festivities at 5 p.m. followed by a photo opportunity and a FREE training session led by Andy Bauman, fitness expert and founder, that will take place at 5:30 p.m.

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Andy Bauman, Founder and Trainer, utilizes proven techniques that originated from his background as he holds a 10th degree black belt and has developed his own traditional martial arts style: Ja Shin Do. Boasting high-energy music, each session is completely different and hosts a variety of people within all fitness levels.

Bauman is known for his innovation, dedication and leadership in martial arts, physical fitness and self-defense on a global scale. Clients come from all over just to train with the martial arts grandmaster. The focus of his style is the development of the fundamental notion of Warrior Spirit: cultivating courage, internalizing self-discipline and developing one’s physical prowess and strength.

For the past 30 years Bauman has built his expert legacy, which was previously only available to an exclusive variety of people ranging from professional athletes, triathletes, martial arts experts and police officers. After an influx of increased interest, he decided to open the doors to the residents of Scottsdale.

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“We wanted to offer the residents of Scottsdale a more challenging, results-driven environment for training paired with nutritional advice and services,” said Bauman.

“The only thing that stops you from succeeding is you. With my help, you can learn to push yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to. A warrior’s constant companion is the inner strength of not imagining anything that cannot be overcome.”

Bauman’s Xtreme training center will offer various levels of sessions daily that range from beginner to advanced with a different routine every single class. One-on-one training sessions are also offered. Gym features include a sauna, personal showers, water and access to Isagenix products. To schedule a free consultation,

Bauman’s Xtreme training is a high-intensity workout intended to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and enhancing the mind, body and soul through focused spirit. For more information please visit