As part of its mission to make Arizonans healthier, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is teaming up with fitness icon Jake “Body By Jake” Steinfeld to launch a new health and wellness program, Get Fit. Don’t Quit!

Get Fit. Don’t Quit! empowers Arizonans to live a healthier lifestyle through engaging videos with tips on how to be more active, eat better, and live well. The program is built around the idea that small steps lead to big payoffs, and shows people fun, simple, positive changes they can make in their day-to-day lives to support long-term wellness.

“Every day we make choices that positively or negatively impact our health. We wish for better health or a better life and a wish changes nothing, but a decision changes everything,” says Jake. “By making the decision to join the Get Fit. Don’t Quit! family you’ve made the decision to make a change. Change is rough, change is tough, but with the right motivation and inspiration and the right tools that I will provide you, change now becomes very attainable. I want to empower you to change the words ‘I can’t’ to ‘I CAN!’ And then, you will be living with my very powerful mantra …DON’T QUIT!”

At, BCBSAZ and Jake share the building blocks people need to get started, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. Entertaining videos, tips on nutrition, and motivational interviews are used throughout the program to encourage people to jumpstart their plans toward better health.

“We know practicing a healthy lifestyle does not always come easily—it requires work and commitment,” said Pam Kehaly, president and CEO of BCBSAZ. “But, there is no more important investment than in your health and that of your loved ones. Jake’s Don’t Quit program provides a fun and inspiring way to amplify our focus on health and wellness. Together we can make Arizona healthier.”

The community is encouraged to join this movement toward better health by visiting to view health resources and sign up to receive daily motivation and health tips. Get Fit. Don’t Quit! is a HealthUp AZ program. BCBSAZ’s HealthUp AZ initiative encourages Arizonans to live a healthy lifestyle through community-based health and wellness programs, and resources.