A new gym concept has opened up in Scottsdale and more are expected to open up in Arizona and the country in the near future.

BodyVision opened up in Scottsdale in November, and is bringing a different workout concept to Arizona.

Members of BodyVision will experience a one-hour heart-rate based interval workout designed to constantly change, according to BodyVision Spokeswoman Robyn Moore. The studio has two cardiovascular rooms with HD projector screens and two strength training rooms which members will rotate through during their workout.

“Compared to a regular gym, there’s structure to it,” Moore said. It’s built on a system where you’ll never plateau.”

Co-Founder Rob Warner says he started the gym after noticing group fitness was becoming trendy.

“Knowing when the time was right is key and having a competitive product out there is key,” Warner said.

Members track their heart-rate using a monitor given to them upon arrival, according to Moore. BodyVision members also have access to nutritional counseling and hormone therapy.

“We have a group fitness concept that nobody has,” Warner said.

Moore said the technology and equipment used at BodyVision is “cutting edge.” The studio has 200-inch projector screens, which are used to display music videos and scenery from around the world to keep members thinking about something else besides their workout.

“Cardio can be a miserable experience,” Warner said. “We play the projector screens to kind of get their mind off of it, the pain.”

Moore called the screens “really motivating.”

“When you’re watching music videos, you’re sucked in,” she added.

The gym also has rowing machines engineered for a realistic water sensation, according to Moore.

Warner said this gym concept is appropriate for all fitness levels because the workout will be tailored to each member’s abilities.

While she does not belong to a gym concept similar to BodyVision, Ellanna Koontz, 20, sees the value in group fitness gyms.

“It’s good to have a community,” said Koontz, who regularly trains at a gym. “It helps you be more accountable and work harder.”

Moore said the unique quality of BodyVision is that members will come in and not know what to expect from the workout, so they won’t get bored of it.

“You’ll always have different trainers, and there’s two trainers per class,” Moore said. “So that’s double the motivation.”

Warner said another perk is that it’s a constantly moving workout that will result in burning 500-1500 calories. Members don’t spend time thinking about what to do next since their trainers control the workout.

“We take out all the guess work,” he said.

The new gym concept intrigues those who regularly go to the gym, but may not result in them changing memberships.

“I really like the classical set-up of most gyms,” said 20-year-old Austin Puente. “But I do like the direction they are taking.”

For BodyVision members who enjoy controlling their own workout, there are open gym hours when classes aren’t taking place.

Warner said more BodyVision studios will be opening up soon.

“We’re opening up possibly two more in the next six months in Seattle,” Warner said. “We have one that we’re looking at in Arcadia.”

Memberships are currently starting at $79 a month and those interested can get a week’s worth of membership free to try it out.