Brainwave Optimization balances and harmonizes brainwaves, clears the mind and diminishes health problems

Some say music is relatable; it’s therapeutic and alters moods. But did you know music has the ability to balance brainwaves and diminish the after effects of trauma to the brain?

In 2000, Lee Gerdes, founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies in Scottsdale, needed relief and to gain his life back.

He found his cure after nine years of enduring post-traumatic stress disorder following a
violent assault.

After years of unsuccessful treatment, he put his knowledge of physics, math, psychology and science to use. He began looking closely at the brain and how it works, realizing that the problem was rooted there. Studying his brain patterns using rudimentary software and ECG hardware, he came to a conclusion.

He reported distinct brain patterns during feelings of positivity and negativity. When he was feeling good, his brain patterns were close together, and when he was feeling bad, they were far apart.

Gerdes then studied the range of frequencies and turned them into musical notes, which he then played back to himself. The brain hears and resonates with the healthy patterns, balancing and harmonizing the brainwaves.

This is called Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing. It’s a non-intensive, holistic method in which the client sits back, relaxes and sensors are placed on strategic spots on the head. The technologist then plays back the transformed music notes, collects the information and helps interpret the data afterward. The science behind the music notes can be explained by comparing the brainwaves and notes to tuning chords.

“Say you have two tuning chords, and you strike one, and the other one picks up on it, and you stop the first one,” Gerdes says. “You take your hand off the first one, and the first one picks up from there; the second one resonates back to it … a loop. That’s what I did with my brain.”

Gerdes’ symptoms dramatically diminished. Now, a decade later, Gerdes’ Brainwave Optimization has helped more than 30,000 people, both nationally and worldwide, to manage various conditions, including addiction, anxiety, lack of concentration, stress, weight management and insomnia (the most common reason why most try Brainwave Optimization). General stress, anxiety and depression are close behind.

Brainwave Optimization isn’t a treatment or cure, but a means to become more clear minded, which in turn helps diminish problems, according to Gerdes.

“(Brainwave Optimization) isn’t meant to attack the disease,” Gerdes says. “It’s meant to inspire the body to take control of it. And what we’re doing is inspiring the brain in that state to take control of things as well, but to do so from the position of being helped and not being stuck in either a freeze or flight response to trauma.”

Business executives and professional athletes also are taking advantage of Brainwave Optimization. About five percent of the 30,000-plus Brain State Technologies’ clients are business executives. They use the procedure to balance their brainwaves to gain that extra edge. As for athletes, Brainwave Optimization helps improve concentration, focus, clarity of thought and dexterity.

One client in particular, Alexandria Houser, tried Brainwave Optimization for her ADD. She didn’t like the idea of taking anti-depressants and consuming pills. After her experience with Brainwave Optimization, she is now off the medications in just 15 sessions.

“After a recent session, I described the feeling I had as a window in my mind opened up and let fresh air in,” Houser says. “I feel calmer, less tense, less aggressive about my own opinions and more open to my friends and family. (I’m also) craving unhealthy foods less and less, which isn’t always easy at nearly eight months pregnant.”

Gerdes says in the future he hopes Brain State Technologies will have the ability to identify problems that patients may not be aware of.

“I would say in time that ability will grow as we have a lot more clients, because then we’ll have strong enough data patterns to identify the potentiality of problems or pathologies as well as intentionally diagnosing those problems,” Gerdes says.

However, Gerdes and Brain State Technologies maintain that the sole mission is simply to help people and guide the brain back to a natural, healthy state.

Brain State Technologies has more than 130 centers across the nation and 16 in other countries, with the headquarters in Scottsdale.

For more information about Brainwave Optimization, visit or call (480) 588-6840.

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