April is Valley Bike Month and Metro Phoenix is planning a number of events for the occasion.

Valley Metro is promoting the month-long event with the purpose of supporting bike use for workers’ commutes. According to the organization, about 6 percent of Valley commuters bike to work once a week.

The events lined up in April are intended to encompass bikers of all levels.

Phoenix Spokes People kick off the month of events with hosting Bike Prom at the Phoenix Ale Brewery April 4. The event is $15 for a solo ticket or $20 for a couple’s ticket. Participants are encouraged to meet at Civic Space Park to bike over to Phoenix Ale Brewery for food, desserts, and snacks.

As far as bike riding events go, the fourth annual Cyclomesa Unchained bicycle festival will happen the second weekend of April. The three-day event encompasses a variety of biking activities.

El Tour de Mesa is a 70-mile bike ride that will take place April 11. Part of Cyclomesa Unchained, this ride takes participants into the Tonto National Forest and around the Red Mountain. For those who do not want to bike 70 miles, there are 28, 11, and six-mile distances as well.

In addition to Mesa, Scottsdale will also host a similar event. The Scottsdale Cycle the Arts will be held April 19 and 26. These rides travel through downtown Scottsdale and give riders a look into the arts that the community has to offer. The April 19 ride is eight miles while the later is for more experienced riders at 35 miles.

The Grid Bike Share will host the Grid Adventure April 18. This event is limited to 35 riders but will feature a 2-½ hour scavenger hunt around the downtown area. Participants are required to use a Grid bike.

For those interested in biking to work together, multiple cities, such as Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, are hosting Bike to Work days. The days vary as far as dates but generally riders will meet at a designated spot and ride into work together. Some events will offer free incentives from Valley Metro.

Aside from Valley Bike Month, Valley Metro currently offers monthly programs throughout the year via sharetheride.com where commuters can log hours whenever they take green initiatives on their commute. Examples include carpooling, riding the Light Rail, or taking the bus.

Participants with the most points win gift cards to restaurants, family outings, memberships, and more.

While the monthly contest is going on, Valley Bike Month will be home to a slew of incentives of its own.

With the Grid Bike Share coming off a strong first quarter, they will offer a discount for April’s monthly membership by using the code: BIKEMONTH2015.

In addition, various shops around the downtown area are providing discounts on admission, coffee, and bike parts.