CrossFit Co-founder Lauren Jenai has launched a new health and fitness concept in Scottsdale called Manifest.

Jenai hopes her new fitness concept will be able to reach folks who aren’t being served by CrossFit, which is a strength and conditioning program primarily designed for the military, police and elite athletes.

“Manifest comes from my own personal struggles,” said Jenai.  “I got divorced, lost my company, was raising four small kids on my own. The loss and pain I went through left me lethargic and addicted to anything that would keep me numb. I knew I needed to change, but I did not know how to start.”

The Scottsdale facility is a test market for the company, and Jenai said the first test group has already seen results.

“Every single participant has lost a significant amount of body fat. They’ve all been able to not only increase, but once again enjoy physical activity. And those participants on medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid issues have been able to lower their doses. In most cases, they’ve been able to actually stop taking medication altogether,” Jenai said.

Jenai designed Manifest to measure what matters, she said. The program doesn’t measure food intake, weight or performance, but instead it measures “practical” things like simply showing up.

Manifest has both a flagship facility in Scottsdale, and there is a virtual program available that allows them to help people no matter where they are by connecting them to the personal coaches.

Clients pay $600 for 3-month programs, which includes bloodwork, personal coaching and health and nutrition counseling.

Manifest is located at 6920 E. First Avenue in Scottsdale.