Cryoshift Cryotherapy, a franchise concept positioned to transform the whole-body cryotherapy and wellness industry, is set to expand in Arizona under regional developers Kris Price and Billy Sunkenberg. 

Cryoshift Cryotherapy uniquely brings patented Impact Cryotherapy equipment as its core technology complemented by other popular wellness technologies, such as NormaTec® Compression systems as well as infrared saunas, into the franchise space. Whole-body cryotherapy uses nitrogen vapor to produce cold temperatures that promote the natural healing of the body. Many whole-body cryotherapy participants use Cryoshift technologies for pain management, workout recovery, mental well-being, and weight management. Whole-body cryotherapy is a refreshing and invigorating three-minute activity utilized by numerous professional athletes and individuals focused on a healthy lifestyle. 

“Whether you’re a 16-year-old athlete, play adult competitive sports or you are an active baby boomer — your health and fitness routine can really benefit from cryotherapy,” said Price. 

Cryoshift will offer presale pricing later this year and offers national membership privileges.

Price and Sunkenberg intend to open at least two locations of their own in the Phoenix metro area in the near future, with the first near Arcadia or Biltmore set to open in January of 2020. With the entire state under their development jurisdiction, Sunkenberg and Price are actively considering experienced franchisees and new locations in their growth plans in both the Metro Phoenix and Tucson markets. 

“We’re so excited to be part of the first franchise to bring this service to the masses,” said Sunkenberg, “In Arizona specifically, it represents an amazing opportunity for business partners, and consumers alike.”

The franchise concept also utilizes revolutionary cryosaunas from Impact Cryotherapy, the number one cryotherapy equipment in the U.S. Preferred retail locations, focused around an inviting Wellness Center concept, are between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet and near heavy traffic areas.

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