Cortisol is one of those critical hormones in the body that you should keep track of. It is an essential hormone that has the power to affect multiple bodily functions at varying degrees. It facilitates and regulates sleep, weight loss, stress, and even pregnancy.

By its nature, biological chemistry is not always fixed, and it’s important to know what causes it to change. While modifying your cortisol levels might not be the most straightforward undertaking, knowing ‘why’ could help to identify potential triggers and possibly inspire you to make certain changes in your life.

Convenient Home Test Kits

Testing your cortisol levels may sound like a daunting exercise. Most people are instantly put off by the notion of having to visit their doctor and testing for something that may prove to be a waste of their time and money. 

In response to this, online retailers such as MTHFR Doctors offer services that aim to make the process much more comfortable and convenient. These retailers offer products such as an easy-to-use cortisol home test kit, which provides a convenient scientific diagnosis without having to leave your home.

Changes in Your Cortisol Levels

Changes in your cortisol levels can be affected by a variety of factors. To start with, the adrenal glands that produce cortisol can be reduced or increased. Cortisol can be increased through the consumption of caffeine, sleep deprivation, or an influx in stress levels. Conversely, cortisol levels can be decreased by the intake of fish oil, music therapy, and massage therapy.

Abnormal cortisol levels could also be an indicator of an underlying health issue that you may be suffering from. Excessive levels of cortisol or hypercortisolism can be the result of a pituitary tumor which could lead to Cushing’s Disease. Insufficient production of cortisol or hypocortisolism can also have adverse health effects and can be the result of Addison’s Disease or Nelson’s Syndrome.

How to Use Cortisol Test Kits

Making use of a cortisol home test kit could, therefore, be useful for any number of reasons. Not only will you be able to observe and incline or decline in your cortisol levels, but you may be able to adjust your lifestyle accordingly depending on your health goals. The immediate appeal of test kits such as these is that they work with the greatest simplicity.

The process involves following basic instructions to collect a saliva sample at different times of the day. The samples are then mailed back to a testing facility where they are analyzed to give you the results you need. In no time, you will be able to find out exactly when your body produces the most cortisol.

Once you can isolate the times during which your body produces the most or the least cortisol, you could make an educated decision as to the best time of the day to exercise if weight loss is your goal. You could even identify stressors in your life, which is the first step towards alleviating them. When it comes to your health, take it seriously, and improve your quality of life.