With the holiday season upon us, safe and responsible driving is more important than ever.

The increased traffic, seasonal parties and unpredictable weather conditions all pose a dangerous threat to Phoenix roads and contribute to an increase in traffic crashes and injuries. The Traffic Safety Coalition (TSC) urges citizens to drive responsibly during this busy and dangerous season on our roadways.

Fortunately, potential crashes can easily be prevented by safe driving behavior:

  • No texting and driving
  • Drinking responsibly and having a designated driver
  • Following all traffic laws, such as driving under the speed limits and stopping at red lights

The increased traffic due to the holidays can place a strain on law enforcement to enforce traffic laws. That’s one of many reasons why Phoenix uses safety cameras as an additional tool to curb dangerous driving such as speeding and red light running.

Safety cameras have proven to be important tools to help keep our streets and neighbors safe. In Phoenix, safety cameras have led to a 45% reduction in fatal red light running crashes.

“Red light running destroys lives, please be extra careful during this holiday season,” said TSC Partner Frank Hinds, Executive Director of the Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance.