Imagine combining 21st century technology with exercise to achieve better and more efficient results. The Exercise Coach, located at 10101 East Bell Road in Scottsdale, offers a unique and innovative approach to fitness and is the first of its kind offered in the Valley. The combination of high-tech workout equipment and one-on-one personal coaching allows The Exercise Coach to deliver maximum fitness and fat-loss results in just 20-minutes — twice a week. Seriously!

Here’s how it works. Their bio-sensitive fitness technology measures your muscular strength to create a customized workout precisely appropriate for your unique physiology. High-tech equipment delivers safe, resistance exercise which fully stimulates entire muscle groups in less than two-minutes per exercise – adding up to a 20-minute full-body workout that affects more muscle fibers than an hour of typical strength or cardio training! Clients achieve real results in the most efficient manner. And, they can prove it! Their fitness technology also tracks and reports your progress.

Owner of The Exercise Coach, Amanda Coe, understands how challenging it can be to add exercise into the mix. In an effort to combine her professional business background with her passion for living a healthy lifestyle, Coe opened The Exercise Coach—a franchise that offers a comprehensive approach to health and fitness designed to be the perfect fit for people who are busy, sick of or intimidated by gyms, afraid of getting hurt or who just dislike exercise.

“The Scottsdale community is filled with active people who are invested in staying healthy,” said Coe. “I’m looking forward to introducing men and women of all ages to an effective and more efficient way to incorporate fitness and nutrition in their lifestyle.”

Prior to opening The Exercise Coach, Coe graduated as a Fulbright Scholar from Harvard University and worked as an executive for the Canadian government for more than 10 years. With a desire to try something new, she left Canada for the warm Arizona climate and launched her own investment firm in 2011. Coe was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2006, which caused her to be more aware of her body and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Coe came across The Exercise Coach and felt it was the right fit.

For those who would like to experience The Exercise Coach first hand, they are offering 4 free one-on-one personal training sessions! For more information call 480-473-5764, visit or follow them on Facebook.

About The Exercise Coach®
Founded in 2000, The Exercise Coach® is a fitness franchise offering a unique, comprehensive approach that promises results in a short amount of time –clients perform just two 20-minute sessions per week. Combining bio-adaptive exercise technology with the human wisdom and upbeat encouragement of personal coaches, The Exercise Coach creates a dynamic exercise experience that’s approachable and effective for people of all fitness and confidence levels. The company currently has 12 locations in Illinois and 3 in Texas, with 11 additional locations in development across Illinois, Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina. The Exercise Coach expects to have 50 locations open or in development by the end of 2013, with an eventual goal of 250 locations in 35 states by 2017.