Are you still looking for that magic pill to change your life?  The answer to all your prayers? The magic diet, shake, supplement? That perfect workout that’s going to lift your butt, flatten your tummy, make your life perfect?

If I told you I had it, would you trust me? If I could prescribe you fitness in a pill, would you take it? What value would that hold for you? What would you pay or sacrifice to have it?

Unfortunately, the fantasy ends right here. There is no ONE way or a magic way. There is no magic pill to be found out there. But what you may find, if you look deep within, is that there is a magic way to be found in here, on the inside.

As a matter of fact, when we get to really know ourselves, or become self-aware and listen, we pay attention to our inner voice. Responding to our intuition, as referred to by some, we may find what really does work.

Are you the one who’s still saying, “I know what to do, what to eat, but just can’t seem to do it”? Then ask yourself this: Do you really know what to do for you? Do you really know what your body needs? It may be impossible to change your body without first changing your thinking.

Bad psychology = bad behavior patterns = poor lifestyle habits = poor health, bad psychology, etc.

And the vicious cycle continues, keeping you stuck right where you’re at — and very likely beating yourself up for a lack of willpower, or that cookie you snuck last night, or blaming your bad genes (which we now know only account for 10 percent of our health and physique).

I can guarantee you that when we listen, our body knows, and our body will tell us what it really needs to get what we want and achieve optimal health, weight and well-being. I can also guarantee you that I’ve been down this road, and continue to walk this path, as I deepen my self-awareness, know thyself, and improve my health and my life.

Finding what is right for you is for you to uncover. As with most holistic health coaches, I can guide you to become your own best expert in you. We can all find our way to optimal health and well-being by trusting and listening to ourselves (and no one else).

Changing your thoughts is the single biggest factor to changing your lifestyle, your body, your health — your whole life. What you think about, you bring about. So, how can we just change the way we think? We can start by becoming aware of how we think and what we are even thinking. Much of our day, we float along not even aware of the thoughts going through our heads — hundreds per minute even.

Daily meditation, time alone in silence, or a spiritual practice of any sort (journaling, gardening, cooking, drawing, etc.) may serve as your daily multi-vitamin. A daily supplement of sorts may help to identify your thoughts, hear yourself, or connect within. When we allow ourselves the space and silence to hear what our bodies are saying within, we may find what is best for us — our magic pill.

To see what we want to see on the outside, we first need to see and accept who we are on the inside. Having a loving relationship with ourselves may be the root of all healing, bringing us closer to getting what we truly want. And it just may come down to surrendering to who we truly are, loving who we are, realizing there’s nothing wrong with us; we are completely amazing just how we are. Then, we’ve opened ourselves up and allowed the space for the changes we seek to occur.

Take your hands off the wheel, and be who you are. What is your body telling you it needs right now?

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