Flywheel Sports, an indoor cycling exercise brand, is opening a Scottsdale studio on November 21.

Flywheel classes challenge both athletes and novices alike to transform their bodies while having fun in a state-of-the-art facility. Located in the Scottsdale Quarter, this indoor cycling studio features signature stadium seating where every rider has an unobstructed view of the instructor and more than 60 bikes equipped with personalized and proprietary technology. Celebrated Flywheel instructors will lead classes with carefully crafted, high-energy playlists to further motivate and push riders beyond their limits.

Each Flywheel bike is equipped with a “tech-pack,” a small computer screen that allows riders to view their real-time performance data and total energy exerted throughout the ride – the Power Score. Instructors provide clear directions throughout the class so that all riders know what range their speed (RPM) and resistance (Torq) should be throughout class. Every bike also communicates with the electronic system in the studio, giving riders the option of being displayed on the TorqBoard, a large flat-screen at the front of the studio that displays class leaders by their chosen torqname – and engaging in friendly competition.

“We know Phoenicians are passionate about their fitness and health therefore we are so excited to bring Flywheel Sports to The Quarter,” said Ruth Zukerman, founder of Flywheel Sports. “We look forward to welcoming in new riders to join the Flywheel family.”

After each ride, comprehensive data will be stored and made available to riders on their personal Performance Page on Flywheel’s website and on the newly revamped app, facilitating individual goal setting and performance tracking.

Riders will also receive suggestions based off prior experiences, including class time, preferences and instructor teaching style; one of the many unique elements that positions the brand at the forefront of the fitness industry.