After seeing 12-year old Grace Sinclair’s handmade knit hats she donated to them, Scottsdale Healthcare wanted to ensure that she would keep bringing more. They offered to provide the Glendale resident with the yarn she needed if she would continue knitting and bringing her colorful hats to give to the children at the hospital.

Grace recently began her nonprofit/ministry, “Warming Heads and Hearts by Grace,” after realizing her love for knitting not only hats, but scarves as well, and donating them to those in need. “I’ve always loved giving,” Grace said. She was inspired to keep finding ways to use her talent for knitting after she was able to use the money she made from selling her products to donate it to her young nephew who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Now numerous children have been able to profit from Grace’s generosity. When she brings her big bag full of knitted hats to the hospital, the hats are disinfected to ensure they are safe for the fragile patients. They are then placed into individual bags and set out in a basket in the NICU for parents to come and pick out which one they want for their child.

Grace remembers when she was able to meet a premature baby whose father had picked out one of Grace’s hats for his newly born child to wear. Grace and her father, Doug Sinclair, recall the father of the baby boy being so excited about Grace’s hats because the only ones left provided by the hospital were pink.

Grace has also generously donated her hats to St. Joseph’s Hospital as well as both the NICU and Maternity Floor at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. Now hospitals all over the state have been contacting Grace about her knitted creations.

But Grace’s giving goes beyond hospitals. She and her family volunteer once a week at a homeless shelter where Grace brings her hats and scarves to hand out during the colder months. She says she loves being able watch the kids pick out which ones they want.

Although she started out by making one or two infant hats in a day, she can now make up to seven. Even though she focuses on hats and scarves, Grace says she wants to try making mittens in the future to donate to people during the winter.

Recently, Grace was formally recognized for her generosity when she received the Kohl’s Cares Award — college scholarship money that Kohl’s awards to kids who are actively serving their community. Although Grace and her unique products are gaining more exposure, she maintains a genuine humility that will carry her far. “It would be her wish to do this for whoever,” said Grace’s father, Doug, “but it’s all about donating. It’s not about marketing or making money.”

Through her handmade hats and scarves, Grace has been able to bring joy to numerous people in difficult situations. Thanks to Scottsdale Healthcare and other supporters, hopefully her products will continue warming many heads and hearts throughout the coming seasons.

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Knitted Products from “Warming Heads and Hearts by Grace” are distributed at Scottsdale Healthcare and other Valley hospitals.