Welcome to Scottsdale Living’s monthly series with Platform Scottsdale, a nonprofit organization that creates a platform for like-minded women to meet, mentor and build networking relationships with one another. This month’s feature is by Dorothy Wolden.

Let’s face it, ladies; there are more demands on us now than any other time in history. Working. Going to school. Running a business. Being mom of the year. Having a relationship. Looking good. Staying healthy. How do we have it all, be the greatest we can be and simultaneously remain grounded and happy in the midst of all of the striving?

The truth is that being a superwoman is not about being a super star but about being special to the people who matter to you – your spouse, your children, your family, your friends and your community.

There is a superwoman within all of us, so how do you uncover yours? What do you need to do in order to make a difference in your own life and the lives of the people that matter to you?

Below are five tips to help nurture your superwoman.

  1. Define Who/What Matters to You. The first step to stepping into your superwoman suit is to identify the people and things that matter to you. Knowing who is important to you is one thing but taking actions that will show your love for them is another. Sometimes we forget the people that are closest to us by taking them for granted.
  2. Take time to be by yourself everyday. Quietly, silently, peacefully. Continue to develop your relationship with yourself, as it is the most important relationship of all. Try five minutes of meditation to stay connected to “you.”
  3. Get Organized. Getting organized is all about setting goals and following them. Goals will help you stay focused as well as keep track of progress. The simplest way of setting goals is to consider what you want to achieve, break it into smaller short-term goals, which you will achieve by doing small things on a daily or weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  4. Keep your mind clear. Empty out the trash of your mind. Observe and understand your current beliefs and motivations behind them. If they are not serving your highest good, question why you’re holding onto them. Don’t be afraid to do a sprint cleaning on those toxic thoughts. You’ll be amazed at the good you will attract by getting rid of them.
  5. Give back. Keep the flow of energy moving. Giving back can be simple, like smiling at a stranger, helping someone in need, or volunteer with a local organization. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed.

Remember that being a superwoman is about being cherished and appreciated by those you hold dear to your heart. As a woman, you are already designed to love and care for others. With just a little targeting and planning, the superwoman in you will soar to heights you have never dreamed and bring you peace beyond what money and fame can bring you; the peace that comes from knowing that someone is better off because of you.



Platform Scottsdale is a newly formed organization dedicated to giving women a platform to meet, promote and connect with like-minded women. Founded in 2012 by Christine Espinoza, Julie Kern, Pearl Woodring and Dorothy Wolden, Platform Scottsdale reaches everyone from the woman in business, stay-at-home mom, domestic engineer, and the single lady on the go with their tri-annual events and online community which foster an environment allowing women to come together, contribute and support each other in a meaningful way. For more information visit