Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

January 28, 2015

Scottsdale Living

Healthy snacks for the big game this weekend

Thousands of football fans will descend upon Phoenix this week for the Super Bowl, but what about locals who plan to skip the fury and watch the game from home?  When it comes to the big game, the battle for best snacks gets as much hype as the competition on the field.  Whole Foods Market has supplied Scottsdale Living with some ideas for any Super Bowl party planning you might be working on this week:

Creamy Cucumber Dip
Creamy Cucumber Dip

·         Chip and Dip Trends – Whole Foods Market experts compiled six trends that might be worth adding to your playbook this year.

·         Game day snack ideas – Recipes for lighter, healthier alternatives and indulgent game-day dishes that are delicious without all the artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Ready-to-cook appetizers and whole hot pizzas on sale Sunday, Feb. 1

·         “Pass” on extra calories, “go long” on flavor – From cauliflower buffalo “wings” to lentil sloppy joes to apple and cheddar whole wheat quesadillas, tasty ideas on healthier swaps for traditional game day fare.

·         Top 10 vegan game-day recipes

Chips and Dip Trends – Whole Foods Market experts compiled 6 trends from that might be worth adding to your playbook this year.

1.       Naan is the new pita – the ubiquitous pita chip is getting a flavorful, crunchy upgrade with new naan chips. Using a recipe for the traditional Indian flat bread and baking it into chips (instead of frying), the new 365 Everyday Value Naan Chips come in three flavors inspired by iconic Indian spices: Tamarind, Green Chili Chutney and Tikka Masala.

2.       Bean chips – forget bean dip, bean chips are everywhere and offer a host of nutrients and fiber, and are often gluten free. Fan favorites include:

a.       Beanitos – Chips are made with black or pinto beans and one serving contains four grams of protein. Flavors include Chipotle BBQ, Better Cheddar, Original Black Bean and Simply Pinto Bean.

i.      Beanitos Puffs are made from a blend of beans and other wholesome grains, and come in game-ready flavors like Hot Chili Lime, Nacho Cheese and more.


3.       Sprouted grains – sprouted grains offer a great new texture and flavor, and are believed to have an increased amount of vitamins and enzymes. Often, these grains are gluten free, but check labels. These are Whole Foods Market’s heavy hitters:

Basil Crispbread Snacks
Basil Crispbread Snacks

a.       Way Better Snacks – This brand offers a tasty, healthy alternative to traditional tortilla chips, pita chips and crackers for all your crunching needs on game day.  Football-friendly flavors include So Sweet Chili or Sweet Potato tortilla chips, Mustard & Cheddar or Black Bean & Salsa crackers, and Heritage Grains Pita-ahh Chips in Sea Salt or Smoked Havarti flavors. (More varieties available)

b.      Engine 2 Popcrisps – made with 100% whole grains, and without added oils, these “un-salty” snacks offer a better-for-you crunch without compromising flavor. Available in Garlic Quinoa & Purple Corn or Cinnamon Sweet Potato.

c.       Food for Life – Sprouted Corn Tortillas, use these for tacos, bake your own tortilla chips or  heat up and dip directly in queso.


4.       Nut-based artisan cheese – whether you want your game day cheeses to include something out of a can, or something more high brow, today’s nut-based (vegan) cheeses have delicious options for both.

Apple and Cheddar Whole Wheat Quesadillas
Apple and Cheddar Whole Wheat Quesadillas

a.       Heidi Ho – plant based cheeses and spreads free of additives and fillers, such as Chia Cheeze Sauce (in Spicy, Smoky and Creamy flavors) can be a nacho cheese substitute.

i.      Heidi Ho also offers a goat cheese-inspired spread called Ne Chevre that comes in several flavors, like Black Lava Salt with a layer of crushed hazelnut and black lava salt (more flavors available). This product was just featured on Shark Tank and is launching nationwide in February.

b.      Kite Hill – plant-based cheeses that demonstrate how traditional cheesemaking methods combined with an alternative milk source can create a new flavor experience. Options include Cassucio, a soft fresh cheese with a supple, silky texture; Cassucio Truffle, Dill & Chive, a soft fresh cheese with an earthy flavor; and White Alder, a soft ripened cheese with a delicate white rind, pungent aroma and velvety texture.

Lentil Sloppy Joes
Lentil Sloppy Joes


5.       Whole new hummus – the latest spreads are made with creative ingredients like lentils and avocado, and come in flavors that will make football fans want to take a time-out.

a.       Hope Hummus –lentil spreads that combine the wholesome legume with simple ingredients to create tasty dips. Flavors include Original Lentil, Garlic, Habanero and Curry. Their selection of traditional garbanzo bean hummus comes in very non-traditional flavors like Spicy Avocado, Kale Pesto, Sriracha, Jalapeño Cilantro and Thai Coconut Curry.

b.      Love & Hummus – this brand blends chickpeas with tahini (sesame seed butter) and other innovative herbs and ingredients. The Spicy Harissa flavor uses the uber-trendy exotic spice blend for an upgraded hummus.


Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

6.       A better Buffalo – Ditch the scary orange sauce with mystery ingredients for the real deal with Blazing Buffalo Cheddar cheese. Handcrafted in Wisconsin by a family-owned cheese company, this is a mild to medium creamy white cheddar blended with spicy buffalo flavor. It’s calcium-rich with no trans-fats and no growth hormones, but it’s a more delicious take on classic game day fare.


Big Game Party on the Go

For those who’d rather relax pre-game, Whole Foods Market offers ready-to-cook appetizers like organic chicken wings, frozen pizzas and guacamole dip (these items and more on sale game-day weekend, Friday, January 30 to Sunday, February 1). And, all prepared hot pizzas will be on sale for $10 on game-day Sunday, February 1.


And a few more recipes:

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