Hollywood health craze, the IV drip, has found its way to the Valley of the Sun. According to Dr. Suneil Jain, Rejuvena founder and owner, intravenous therapy not only keeps you hydrated in the Arizona heat, it’s a faster alternative to regular vitamin intake.

“If you’re out in the heat, you are losing a lot of electrolytes,” Jain says. “We can replenish those through IV drip.”

Many outside workers and athletes have incorporated this into their routines. Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash has had the opportunity to stop in at Rejuvena and spoke of how it improved his performance in his testimonial.

According to Jain, many patients hear about IV drip in their social circles or have ailments that require them to use vitamins in this way.

“Some patients do their research, come back and say ‘Oh, Madonna and Rihanna are doing it’,” Jain says. “It makes them feel better about it.”

IV drip allows vitamins to be absorbed faster and more effectively because the vitamins are deposited directly to the bloodstream.

When vitamins are taken orally, there is a chance that only 30 to 50 percent of the nutrients are being absorbed due to the digestive process. Not only does the process take longer, many nutrients are lost due to various chemicals in the body.

“IV therapy forces the body to absorb all of the vitamins that are injected,” Jain says. The vitamins also continue to permeate the body long after the injection.

According to Jain, this quick absorption does not generally produce side effects. “There may be slight detoxification effects, but generally IVs are meant to replenish the body and provide nutrition and support,” Jain says.

The therapy is also beneficial for patients suffering from various illnesses. It can heal someone suffering from cardiovascular disease, metal poisoning or the common cold.

“When you take the vitamins in high dosages, you see the antivirus benefits,” Jain says. Dosages of upwards of 100,000 milligrams are often given to patients, which does more work than just 1,000 milligrams often coming from pills.

At Rejuvena, basic IV therapy session costs range from $150 to $200. “It’s a big part of our business,” Jain says. “It’s a tool we use a lot of on a daily basis.”

Although Jain says this tool is not an excuse to not eat properly, he acknowledges that it’s a great way to “get essential XYZ vitamins into the bloodstream.”

“In general, IV therapy in itself can be quite powerful,” Jain says.

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