February 14, 2015

Maria Lopez

‘Intuitive exercise’ facility opens in Scottsdale

There are two extremes when it comes to workout habits. There are the gym lovers and those who do the minimum to stay healthy.  However, a method of what’s called “intuitive exercise” can help people across the spectrum train their minds to enjoy physical activity by motive and environment.

A New Beginning, located at 96th Street and Mountain View Road, in Scottsdale, removes any “gym trauma” with its garden and office-type complex just one mile from its headquarters.

This non-traditional studio replaces equipment with walls arrayed by greens and blues, plants and furniture that create a safe and inviting atmosphere. A neighborhood park across the street is also available when you’re in the mood for fresh air.

The trick to performing intuitive exercise begins with picking an object or action that you love. A puppy, dancing, your kids or even eating are all examples. The idea is to get your heart rate accelerated.

Taking a hike with your puppy, a challenging dance class, walking your kids to school and taking an extra lap around the grocery store will all add extra steps to your day.

Moving and a positive attitude is the important part of reaching physical and emotional health. If you want to target specific areas to exercise then adding a personal motive or goal will it make it seem less like a chore and something being done on your own terms.

Some examples provided by A New Beginning include: riding a stationary bike to release stress, walking fast on a treadmill to train for 5k event and engaging in strength training because it makes you feel strong and builds your confidence.

“As you may have experienced with past fitness routines, rigid and unrealistic exercise plans will likely cause you to burn out long before you accomplish your goals surrounding strength or weight management,” reads A New Beginning press release.

The team at A New Beginning also works with patients who have suffered with eating disorders, depression or anxiety.

The key is using intuition versus sensing perception when working out. The gym lover pays attention to repetition and results while those using intuition remember the event and how it made them feel.