K-MOTION Interactive, which is based in Scottsdale and is the leader in wearable 3D human motion training applications for golf, fitness, physical therapy and beyond – officially launches K-Baseball, a revolutionary coaching and training platform that uses leading-edge technology to help players improve hitting mechanics.

Created with the assistance of several Major League Baseball clubs, who currently use it with great success, K-Baseball utilizes four wireless military-grade inertial sensors that are worn by the player during batting practice. The sensors stream 3D-motion data in real time to a tablet or computer, and proprietary software assesses the player’s motion, creating easy-to-understand reports and graphs explaining how the hitter swings.

Each player’s report can be compared to the ranges of a professional baseball player in order to better understand the hitter in the context of the best in the world. The reports demonstrate the player’s strengths and weaknesses, using patented biofeedback to both identify and correct mechanical issues and limitations. Beyond its popularity with MLB teams, K-Baseball is an invaluable tool for college programs, hitting academies and baseball camps. More information: https://www.k-motion.com/k-baseball-info.

“Until now, coaches could only use their eyes and a 2D camera,” says Brian Vermilyea, who is integrating K-Baseball into several Major League Baseball organizations. “But 3D shows the full picture, leading to a deeper understanding of how players generate power, sequence movements and, ultimately, hit the baseball.”

“I think the one technology I’m most excited about right now is K-Baseball,” says Andy McKay, Head of Player Development for the Seattle Mariners. “If video is an x-ray, K-Baseball is an MRI.”

Information unearthed by K-Baseball includes:

• Launch angle and path:

Analyzes hitter’s mechanics and the resulting launch angle

Recommends bat path adjustments to optimize launch angle

• Bat speed – Power is created and transferred through a sequence:

Establishes proper hitting sequences

Ensures user is creating and transferring power between lower and upper half effectively

Increases hitter’s bat speed

Illustrates what a more efficient swing looks like 

• Consistency:

Determines the hitter’s tendencies and biases

Improves hitter’s ability to hit all pitches

Helps develop effective bat control in order to hit balls in different locations 

• Fundamentals:

Improves swing initiation and mechanisms to build and store power

Captures and analyzes both ideal & flawed repetitions

K-Baseball is built on the foundation of K-MOTION’s 15+ years of work with professional golfers and high-profile swing instructors. In addition to proven success with amateur golfers of all ages and skill levels, the company’s customer base includes winners on every golf tour, top-ranked golf coaches, major universities and elite junior academies. K-Baseball continues K-MOTION’s momentum outside of golf, establishing themselves as a go-to tool for all athletes looking to optimize the movements their sports require.

The industry leader in wearable, motion-training technology that makes athletes better faster, K-MOTION products create a complete learning solution: from diagnosis, to supervised instruction, to unsupervised practice. Through patented real-time audio and visual cues, athletes can connect perception to reality and master perfect motion in seconds. K-MOTION creates a seamless connection between player and coach through its cloud-based improvement sequence of measure, assess, coach and train.