As a leading fitness club chain in the nation, LA Fitness is investing $13.6 million to remodel 26 of its Arizona club locations, and has introduced a new workout concept just in time for the holidays. Its Phoenix-based club at 3301 E. Bell Road was chosen as the second location in the nation to introduce HIIT by LAF—a high-tech, high-intensity interval training concept.

This 50-minute workout is designed for almost every level of fitness and goal type, whether you’re a mom looking to recharge, an athlete fine-tuning a workout in preparation for the next competition, or an executive seeking an efficient, 360-degree workout. 

Led by coaches who guide and motivate participants, each workout consists of functional exercises, core training, cardio interval training and strength training. Wearing optional heart rate monitors that share real-time feedback on in-studio monitors, participants are led through five heart rate training zones, each helping participants burning up to 1,000 calories per workout (results may vary). 

Unlike traditional high-intensity interval training programs, HIIT by LAF offers a different, fun workout every day on state-of-the-art equipment that’s been thoughtfully designed in a modern studio environment. Workouts come in three key formats, focused on building strength, endurance and definition. Participants wear cutting-edge technology that tracks heart rate, calories and time exercised to maximize endurance, burn calories and encourage fat loss.

Barbie Sparks, Regional Coordinator of Aerobics for LA Fitness, is heading up the HIIT by LAF program in Arizona. According to Barbie, exercise delivers countless benefits, a handful of which include:

• Getting stronger – from muscles to organs, every time we move, we reinvigorate our bodies to be efficient.

• Experiencing a burst of energy – during and after a workout, endorphins flood your body, leaving you feeling motivated and energized.

• Becoming more resilient – working out can protect you against the cold and flu by elevating immunoglobulins, which boost your immune system.

• Burning calories, even at rest – the body continues to burn calories, even after the workout.

• Battling chronic illnesses – by helping you get stronger, your risk factors for developing chronic illnesses, including diabetes, may go down.