You may think of it as simply a tasty addition to your meals, but there are also extraordinary health benefits associated with the basil herb. The nutrients in basil can better your heart, skin and immune system. Keep basil a part of your healthy diet this summer! Here are four local favorite cocktails that feature the disease-fighting and health-promoting herb. 

Strawberry Basil Gin Martini

·         Grapefruit Basil Martini: Grapefruit and Basil combine to make a healthy, tart and flavorful drink at Salut Kitchen Bar. The martini is made with Absolut Ruby Red, Grapefruit Juice, St. Germaine and Basil Leaves. (featured above)

·         Strawberry Basil Gin Martini: Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill incorporates the zesty herb into their sweet seasonal margarita made with Boodles Gin, Strawberry Puree, Aged Balsamic and fresh Basil Leaves.

·         Basil Buddha Hand Lemon Drop: Get your basil fix at Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse with their refreshing cocktail made with Buddha Hand Vodka, Limoncello, Squeezed Lemon Wedges, Simple Syrup and Basil.