It may make some cringe and others uncomfortable, but one may be surprised at how umbilical cord serum can actually reverse the signs of aging and give your skin the stimulation it needs to appear younger and rejuvenated.

Novo Solutions MD, a recently launched, science-based skin care line, is unlike any other on the market. It contains NovoSerum, a cell-free complex derived from purified human umbilical cord serum, considered a virtual youth elixir.

OK, now that that’s out there, let’s explain this a little further.

First, the serum is rich in growth factor, which repairs and regenerates damaged skin, allowing the skin’s factory cells to increase collagen production and enhance skin matrix. This gives the skin structure, fullness and radiance.

“As we age, we don’t necessary lose cells, like fiberglass or skin factory cells, which make your skin have your skin texture,” says Dr. Mark Engelman, co-founder, chairman and chief medical offer. “Without it, our skin hangs, and it doesn’t look healthy.”

“[The cells] need more stimulation, and they have to be pushed.”

The umbilical serum, he says, is full of the growth factors that stimulate cells to become more active than they were.

To prove the serum works, a double blind clinical study was conducted in 2010 at Northwestern University by the director of dermatology research Robert M. Lavker Ph.D.

Women ages 45 to 65 each used the product on half of her face. After 28 days, “there was a profound difference,” Dr. Engelman says, noticing a healthy glow in their skin and increased collagen production.

Although the study focused on women in their later years, Novo Solutions MD Products can be used on all skin types and all ages.

“As we start to age by 30 years of age — once we fulfilled our procreative function — the [aging] process has already started,” Dr. Engelman says. “I would start early to slow down the process of aging. At 65, you can stop [the aging process] and reverse it and knock a significant number of years off.”

For the skeptics out there, Dr. Engelman says the product line and NovoSerum is completely safe. The umbilical cord serum is processed and supplied exclusively by a top FDA-certified cryobank in the U.S., and it’s FDA checked for any infectious diseases.

“I understand someone would be reluctant to put genetic material on themselves, but there are no genetic materials or cells in it,” he says. “You’re not putting anyone’s cells on you; it’s strictly growth proteins dissolved in a liquid.”

And people are buying it. Sales have been steadily increasing, according to Dr. Engelman, with more than 90 percent of customers continuing to purchase the products.

“This is purely nature’s growth serum,” Dr. Engelman says. “It’s the new thing.”

Novo Solutions’ skin care line includes six products: Absolute Face Cleanser ($30), Brilliant Face Exfoliant ($60), Cellactive Face Serum ($136), Advanced Eye Serum ($96), Moisturizing Renewal Cream ($70) and Moisturizing Renewal Cream with SPF 15 ($75).

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Novo Solutions MD containing NovoSerum, derived from human umbilical cord serum

 Novo Solutions MD  Novo Solutions MD


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Novo Solutions Serum Before & After

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