The weather is warming, flowers are blooming and holiday cravings are over, which can only mean one thing:  Summer is on its way.

Those looking to shape up, get healthy again, increase endurance, muscle, power, or lose weight  for the upcoming summer months can do so without the headache of impersonal gyms, lengthy time-consuming workouts and strict, unrealistic diets.

subimageclasses02Orange Theory Fitness in Scottsdale helps people reach health goals with big and lasting results in a personally-designed manner. The philosophy behind orangetheory is known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” or EPOC. Heart rate is closely monitored throughout the five – zone interval training sessions, known as the Orange 60. The 60-minute workout is designed to produce 12-20 minutes of training at a higher max heart rate.  The program then produces EPOC, the workout “after-burn” effect, which helps produce a 200-400 calorie increase to metabolism 24-36 hours after the workout.

Faye Dodd, an Orange Theory member and weight loss challenge winner, said that for years she had memberships to other gyms, but never went because she was never encouraged to do so. “Here they know you – they’re friendly and encouraging.  It gives the place a personal touch,” she says.

orangetheaoryafadfDodd claims she was never an active person and after recovering from a knee replacement, she simply wanted to know if she could do more despite her physical limitations.  Dodd attended Orange Theory just to “try it out” – within her first work-out she said she felt encouraged and free from pressure.  “I was allowed to go at my own pace as long as I kept my heart rate up,” she says. In the little less than a year since she has joined Orange Theory fitness,  she has seen herself drop from a size 12 to a size 2.  Though she began working out to get stronger, she says, the weight loss is a plus. “I just wanted to be stronger; my physical limitations to not be a limit anymore,” the 65-year-old retired registered nurse says. “It’s forced me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own. It’s really helped me to be a stronger healthier person.”

And it’s not just cardio:

Cardio, though it gets up the heart rate up and burns fat calories, is not the only focus.  In order to get long-lasting results, efficient full-body workouts are needed. Scottsdale Orange Theory trainer Emily Awbrey states that “it’s all about efficiency; it’s important to key in on a full-body transformation. Workouts at Orange Theory Fitness are designed to include both cardio and strength training for a full-body workout. Incorporating both strength and cardio into the workout burns the most calories during the workout and continues to burn calories even after the work out is over.”

You can still eat:

Special diets can sometimes be misleading and not very helpful.  Many tend to overeat or 168823858not eat enough, both of which can result in storing fat and can hinder weight loss goals.  Orange Theory trainers encourage a healthy lifestyle, meaning  a complete overhaul of healthier food choices and habit  can be better than a restrictive diet that can discourage eating. Calories are energy, so eating for the day is encouraged. Emily Awbrey said one of the best things to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to cut out processed food and eat clean: add more green vegetables, avocado and clean protein to your diet.  Calories give energy so eating for workouts is important. Eating healthy carbs before a workout can give your body the energy it needs to maintain endurance for a successful workout.  You have to be careful not to eat before bed because it can affect a good night’s sleep.  For those on a busy schedule, Awbrey recommends stocking up meals in the fridge   in order to be prepared and keep from opting on quick, unhealthy options.

Don’t be discouraged:

Orange Theory Fitness center is a judgment-free, friendly, encouraging environment that gives people the opportunity to meet health and weight goals without the extra pressure to keep up. In order to reach fitness goals, it is important to set realistic goals, to celebrate small achievements and progress.  Sitting down with a personal trainer to discuss health and fitness goals is a key element in benefiting the most from workouts and reaching set goals.

Orange Theory Fitness centers are now open in Arcadia, Peoria, Ahwatukee, Chandler – Pecos Ranch, Paradise Valley, and Gilbert-Dana Park and in Scottsdale at 7000 E Mayo Blvd. Bldg. 1, Suite 1016, Phoenix, AZ , 85054. In the Scottsdale 101 Plaza.