SmartLipo Sculpts Your Body Into Shape With Laser-Assisted Liposuction

With the arrival of summer comes a desire to be physically fit and look your best, especially when you’re dressed down to the bare minimum. Areas you’ve never noticed before stand out; your arms, back, thighs and neck could all look better, but exercise and diets have proven unsuccessful.

But over the past year or two, Scottsdale residents have been showing increased interest in one particular method of sculpting their bodies when other weight-loss methods have failed. It’s called SmartLipo, and this is the time of the year when Dr. Bryan Gawley, a Scottsdale plastic surgeon at Gawley Plastic Surgery, receives many requests for those in need of a perfect summer body.

SmartLipo precisely targets, via a laser, those small pockets of fat in areas of the body where that extra bit of stubborn flab is unwanted. The laser’s heat melts and destroys fat, coagulates vessels and sometimes tightens skin. The fat is then sucked away.

Considered the least invasive liposuction technique available, SmartLipo has fewer side effects, including smaller incisions and scars, and a shorter recovery period — days instead of weeks.

The most popular areas for fat removal, according to Gawley, are the neck, lower abdomen, outer thighs and arms.

But, Gawley stresses that SmartLipo works best on patients who are healthy, have good skin quality and are targeting a specific, smaller area of fat.

“Patients with excessive amounts of fat, larger treatment areas or really loose skin or poor skin quality are not ideal for this type of procedure,” Gawley says.

For those who do qualify, Gawley has seen positive results, with a quarter of his patients returning for additional procedures.

“(SmartLipo) is the second most commonly performed procedure after breast augmentation, and patients are really happy in general,” Gawley says. “(They) come back commonly for other areas that they cannot treat with diet and exercise.”

And SmartLipo isn’t just for women. Gawley says he has seen an increasing number of men seeking physical fine-tuning.

For those interested and who qualify, SmartLipo varies in cost depending on the surgery, with the average cost per area ranging from $2,000 to $2,500.

For more information, visit www.gawleyplasticsurgery.comor call (480) 860-2173.

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Scottsdale Living Magazine May/June 2011