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December 30, 2019

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The 5 best fitness accessories you should know

The word ‘fitness’ can be used for different purposes. In itself, the term ‘fit’ means having an effective body with which you can carry out your daily activities without any problem. 

A fit body has certain characteristics, according to fitness expert Dan Matteuci. He divides them in the following categories:

• Muscular Strength: It is the ability of the muscles to use force.

• Respiratory and Cardiovascular Resistance: It is the ability to obtain and process oxygen continuously.

• Flexibility: It is the ability to increase the range of movements of different joints.

• Speed: It is the ability to decrease the time required to carry out a movement.

• Dynamic Strength: It is the ability of the muscles to exert force in a short period of time.

• Agility: This is the ability to reduce the time required to move from one type of movement to another.

• Coordination: The ability to mix various movements in a single movement pattern of greater complexity.

• Accuracy: It is the ability to maintain control over movement in one direction or in intensity.

• Balance: It consists of the ability to have control over the centre of gravity of the body with respect to its support base.

Therefore, it could be said that fitness is to have a good state of health on a physical level, which is possible by leading a healthy lifestyle.

How to know if an activity is good for fitness?

Sometimes it can be a bit complicated to determine if an activity improves fitness or not. To put aside this type of confusion, it should be taken into account that activities that improve fitness are carried out with regularly and are directly related to healthy eating and good living habits. It must also meet the following conditions:

• Need flexibility: Exercises should require a lot of warm-up, so the person performing them is flexible enough to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

• Optimize resistance: Among the main purposes of training is the optimization of the physical strength and endurance of the person. To achieve this, it is essential that the exercise routine be carried out at least two or three times weekly.

• Maintain fat levels: To be able to do fitness without any problem it is necessary that the person has a good physical form and also have their body fat levels controlled.

• Good physical condition: It is essential that the person who practices fitness has a body that is in good physical condition and also has high muscular resistance. In the period of time that the activity or exercise is carried out, the person must have sufficient strength to keep the muscle in tension for a fairly long period of time, or to do repetitions of a series of movements.

Must-Have Fitness Accessories

Some fitness accessories are so essential to achieve good results that some of them have become almost a necessity. The best thing is that over the years there are more fitness accessories that can be found in the market and this allows each person to customize their workouts and at the same time make them more dynamic, contributing equally to the ability to perform their workouts effectively. Keeping this in mind, many fitness experts have started their own fitness accessory brands such as Dan Matteuci’s Matteuci Fit, Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock and others.

With the new innovations in terms of fitness accessories, it is possible to carry out the exercises with greater precision and care, so that each movement that is made is measured in such a way that the results you achieve are even better than what you expected.

Here are some accessories that you should add to your fitness routine and make the most of your workouts.

Dumbbells and Dumbbell Stands 

A place to exercise without dumbbells makes no sense. Having dumbbells of different weights helps you to better train your arms, of course, you cannot leave aside the support for the dumbbells that will help you have your space to exercise tidy.


Gloves are one of the basic accessories in the fitness world. When you train with enough intensity, or when you exercise your back, this makes your hands full of calluses. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use gloves.

Resistance Bands

This is a widely used accessory that should be part of your fitness wardrobe. The reason for this is that they are quite versatile in terms of use. These can be used to carry out an intense warm-up, however they are not very useful if you are looking to increase your muscle mass. 


They are quite common when it comes to deadlifting. They are useful to help people who exercise with heavy weights, allowing them to unload their forearms. If you are a person who is dedicated to training with a lot of weight, then they can be very helpful.

Lumbar Belt 

This is another accessory that you should not miss out on.It is usually used for squats, military press, deadlifts and a few other exercises. The purpose of this accessory is to prevent stress on the lumbar area of ​​the back decreasing its activation while the movement is carried out.

With these accessories, you can maximize the output of each workout, prevent injuries, enjoy training, and achieve the results you have always wanted.