Don’t let the excuses of long work days and extravagant business lunches collect at your waistline. Even a busy schedule is something that Angie Witte, a master personal trainer at LA Fitness in Phoenix can work around. All you need is 25 minutes.

Witte’s workout will not only help you build strength, but jumpstart your energy level before hitting the office.

“Building muscles means more fat loss overall,” Witte says. “Many people shy away from strength training for fear of bulking up, but there are exercises that will keep you toned and your stamina up”.

At LA Fitness, which offers personal training in 25-minute increments, Witte helps clients tailor their workouts to  fit their busy schedules. Her goal is to get you through a workout consisting of as many as six circuits, each focusing on a different part of the body, into those 25 minutes.

Here are Witte’s tips for Arizona’s busy movers and shakers:

Pre-workout: Fuel up with a light protein or carb snack.

The workout: 

5 minutes: Warm up the body with stretches

5 minutes:  Three reps of box step-ups with light weights (Targets: glutes, quads and hamstrings)

5 minutes:  Three reps of core crunches (Target: abs)

5 minutes:  Three reps of push-ups (Targets: biceps and back)

5 minutes:  Three reps of body squats (Target: entire body)

Post-workout: People who want to burn stored fat or expand their cardio endurance could add an optional session after their personal training workout on one or more of the workout machines.

Replenish your body with a protein shake and always remember to stay hydrated before, during and after any workout.