Health is something many think is too far out of reach to even begin the journey to a better tomorrow. Being fit can often seem intimidating; however, if you take it one step at a time you can be fit as a fiddle. Here are six ways you can lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is crucial to good health. In fact, drinking a glass of water before each meal helps you not overeat. Water boosts your system enabling it to burn more calories and even flush out toxins so you don’t feel bloated and heavy at the end of the day. Your body’s systems function smoothly so your entire body is getting pumped with goodness. Your skin will also glow since it’s feeling so great. If you aren’t into plain water, try adding flavours to it. You can even throw in some lemon or strawberries for a different taste.

2. Get Moving

You don’t have to run a marathon to get the health effects of s small workout. Just getting up and walking around will help your heart pump a little more. If you’ve been sitting for 20 minutes, get up for ten minutes and stretch your legs. Take a quick walk around the building to get in some cardio work. If you hate the thought of walking, do something you love. Dance a little bit to something on the radio. Take a swim at the local indoor pool. As long as you’re moving just a little more each day, you’ll feel a lot better. You can take a rest day where you don’t move much, but remember to get back into the swings of things the next day.

3. Meal Plan

It isn’t hard to meal plan. Get out a pen and paper, and make a list. You don’t have to cook it all as some people do in one sitting. Plan each meal and snack accordingly. Figure out the nutritional content of each thing and plan all kinds of meals. This means you get to pick and choose your favourites. You don’t have to leave things out as long as they fit together with the right vitamins and calories. You’ll feel great and not be stressed about what’s for dinner. You can have a cheat day so you don’t focus too much on the negative and give in. It’ll become easier and easier each week as you find what you truly love, and find combinations that are fun for each meal.

4. Avoid Drugs And Alcohol

Focus on filling your body with good things instead of things that could lead to bad health. Avoid drugs, alcohol and even caffeine if possible. Drugs and alcohol can lead to health hazards, even death. Making good choices like filling your body with healthy items will leave your body not even wanting drugs or alcohol. They are a filler, often tricking your body into thinking it needs them, addiction treatment can be sought for better health, too. Drugs and alcohol have no nutritional good value. Think of this food as healthy and unhealthy instead of good and bad. Those words are negative often making you feel even worse when you each “badly.” Focus on being healthy overall so you won’t be tempted to reach for the unhealthy things in your life. You have access to it all, so it’s up to you to make healthier choices.

5. Get Enough Sleep

You’ll notice a surge in your overall health and energy when you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. When you’re overly tired, you tend to overeat and/or just sit around all day. Sleep helps you make better decisions with a level head. It helps reduce stress and improve mood so your body is healthier. Diabetes and heart disease risk is even lower when you get enough sleep for your body. Even sneaking in power naps will help your body. Get to sleep five minutes earlier each night, and feel a drastic difference in a few weeks.

6. Plate Your Meal Backwards

A meal plate can be overwhelming. How do you know where to begin? Most people begin by diving into the carbs because they are yummy. The best thing to do is to scoop the veggies first. Pile your plate high with vegetables then go to the protein. Put more protein than starches on the plate. Dessert should be minimal. In fact, after you’re done eating the balanced meal, you may not even have room for the added sugary goodness. You can have fun filling your plate this way. Vegetables make it pretty so fill it up with green goodness. Your body does need carbs so don’t skip out, but don’t go overboard either. The protein will work to keep you fuller longer.