Many Americans believe that plastic surgery procedures are rare. Even those who have had plastic surgery sometimes believe this. However, the plastic surgery industry is actually breaking records, with huge amounts of money being spent on elective procedures. The number exceeded $16.5 billion in 2018 and it’s been on the rise for years. In countries renowned for their plastic surgery industries, such as Brazil and South Korea, big proportions of the population have opted for aesthetic surgeries.

Of course, while we tend to think of plastic surgery as a purely aesthetic pursuit, plastic surgeons are trained first-and-foremost to treat people who require practical surgeries. This may be facial reconstruction after an accident, breast reduction surgery for women with spinal issues, and nose surgeries for people who have trouble breathing. Nonetheless, the spending mentioned above is purely on aesthetic procedures.

Why is the plastic surgery industry thriving? Well, there are a number of reasons for this. Let’s take a look at what types of surgeries are most popular to get a better idea of the practice.

The Most Popular Types Of Plastic Surgery

The most popular types of plastic surgery shouldn’t come as a surprise. Nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tucks, and buttock augmentation are the most common invasive procedures in the US. They are parts of the body that people are particularly insecure about, and there is less stigma attached to these surgeries than ever before.

Minimally-invasive procedures, such as botox, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels, are also very popular. They are cheaper and come with fewer side effects and risks than invasive procedures.

It’s easy to associate the increased rates of plastic surgery with the rise of social media, on which we all put ourselves on display. However, that interpretation works on the old stigma of plastic surgery. On the contrary, people are getting more plastic surgery both because the stigma is slowly fading away and the surgeries are becoming less risky and more accessible.

Many people of all generations are realizing that while looks can’t make you happy, they can help you gain some of the confidence you lack. They’re not going to fix your self-esteem issues, but they can take away some of the burdens of a feature that has bothered you your whole life.

That said, in spite of the increased desire among individuals for these types of surgeries, they are still expensive. The average breast implant cost is over $3,500, and a nose job averages at about $5,000. They are more accessible but not everyone can afford them.

Furthermore, most insurances won’t cover elective plastic surgery, so you will have to find alternative payment methods. Medical loans are available for these types of surgeries, for example, with good repayment terms and interest rates.


Plastic surgery is less stigmatized than ever before, and more and more people are electing for aesthetic surgeries. While there is still a perception that very few people get these surgeries, the truth is that the numbers are growing every year. Nonetheless, they’re still expensive and some people will have to find alternative ways of making payments.