By: Jamie Finnan, CorePower Yoga

Whether brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, attending a yoga class at a new studio can be an intimidating experience.  Many studios have their own way of doing things and until you fully understand a studio’s culture, those first few visits can be an overwhelming experience.

Below is a set of guidelines to follow from the moment you walk into that studio:

1. Be On Time:
Oftentimes, the doors get locked promptly at the start time of class in order to protect students’ belongings so avoid missing class by being on time.  If time allows, arrive 10 minutes early to put away belongings and get settled in the studio.

2.  Stay the Entire Class:
The duration of class is spent preparing your body for the final resting posture, Savasana – a time to lay still and enjoy no distractions while being at complete rest.  This moment can only be enjoyed, however, if everyone in class is lying still and peaceful – avoid disrupting the class by getting up early and rolling your mat.

Should you ever need to leave class early, let the instructor know before class and be sure to leave before the class goes into final Savansana.

3.  Keep Quiet: 
Let the studio be a sacred space to escape the craziness of the day.  Avoid talking in the studio so others can relax on their mat and enjoy some peace and quiet before and after class.

4.  Go Off the Grid:
Yoga studios are a cell phone-free space. Our daily lives are on technology overload and 60 – 75 minutes of total escape from any texts, calls or emails is a welcomed, and often much needed, gift.

5.  Shaucha: 
The term Shaucha in Sanskrit mean cleanliness of the mind and body. Because many people have chemical sensitivities, keep the term Shaucha in mind at every class.  Avoid wearing any perfumes, lotions, and always feel free to shower before class if you’re feeling not so fresh.

6.  Clean Up Your Space:
A majority of classes at CorePower Yoga are heated so you can expect to enjoy a great sweat during class. If this is the type of class you’ll be attending, wipe down the area around your mat so that it is sweat-free when you leave the studio. This helps keep the area clean and the floors safe while people are leaving the space.