May 14, 2014

Scottsdale Living

YouFit opens 10th club in the Valley

One of America’s fastest-growing fitness companies has just opened its 10th club in the Valley of the Sun.

Youfit Health Clubs already has 69 clubs around the country, and is now opening new ones at the rate of three a month. Youfit’s newest club in the Valley of the Sun has just opened at 10654 N. 32nd St. (Paradise Hills Shopping Center) in Phoenix. And the company’s scouting for more locations.

Youfit operates on a business model that’s unusual in the tradition-bound fitness industry. Its clubs are not geared toward bodybuilders or ‘gym rats’ or singles scenes…but, instead, toward the average person who just wants to stay in shape. There are no long-term contracts; you pay month-to-month. There are no salespeople, so there’s no one pressuring you to join. And the price is probably the lowest you’ll ever see for a first-class club.

“And we believe we have the greenest clubs in America,” says President/Founder Rick Berks, a successful entrepreneur. “For example, when you walk in, you’ll be walking on floors made of recycled tires or Nike ‘grind’ – recycled sneakers! And the heating/cooling, water, and power systems are all green. It costs us more to do it this way, but we believe strongly in being good community citizens.”

The atmosphere at Youfit Health Clubs is inviting, rather than intimidating. Here, “you” can “fit” in, without feeling uncomfortable, and without dealing with pushy salespeople. And most people notice the difference the moment they walk in.

“Believe it or not, I’ve actually had people tell me they’d have to get in shape before walking into a health club,” Berks says. “But we’re building clubs for people who don’t want to deal with the trauma and drama of the usual health club.”